Machine Gun Kelly - drunk face/all I know/bloody valentine (Jimmy Kimmel Live 2021/Medley)

Machine Gun Kelly performs drunk face, all I know & bloody valentine on Jimmy Kimmel Live!
Machine Gun Kelly - Tickets To My Downfall is available now!
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  1. Braúlio Mathias

    Braúlio Mathias14 hours ago


  2. Wilds Games

    Wilds Games17 hours ago

    This album is god tier, right up there with Enema of the State and Dookie.

  3. Tiffany Durr

    Tiffany DurrDay ago

  4. Ahmed Usmani

    Ahmed UsmaniDay ago


  5. Robert Gordon

    Robert GordonDay ago


  6. V Mackie

    V MackieDay ago


  7. Michelle Harrison

    Michelle Harrison2 days ago


  8. Albertino De Brito Barros

    Albertino De Brito Barros3 days ago

    Love this guy🤧

  9. Tyler Muskett

    Tyler Muskett3 days ago

    Mgk why do you have some lot of songs they are amazing Send

  10. KillMaster88

    KillMaster883 days ago

    I dislike the calmer version of songs, also WHY CHANGE THE LYRICS

  11. KillMaster88

    KillMaster883 days ago

    Oh wait he couldn't swear... STILL

  12. Young Czar

    Young Czar3 days ago

    One Man Show.

  13. Miss Paige Lee

    Miss Paige Lee3 days ago

    This is SO HARD

  14. Anna Brtkw

    Anna Brtkw4 days ago

    What a beautiful human being ✨

  15. Robbie Roode

    Robbie Roode4 days ago


  16. Dallas Drake

    Dallas Drake5 days ago

    I just got yelled at by my dad great you can only guess what for he’s a jerk and knows nothing about my lifestyle

  17. Cassie James

    Cassie James5 days ago

    Watch these repeatedly... Amazing!

  18. Gaspar Emanuel

    Gaspar Emanuel5 days ago

    Sad y lofi ♡♡♤◇◇◇♧♧

  19. Faiza Shahid

    Faiza Shahid5 days ago

    This is so sick please please get this on spotify I need this on repeat !

  20. Kabir Gorkhali

    Kabir Gorkhali5 days ago

    Most talented person I've ever seen

  21. Antonella Rangel

    Antonella Rangel5 days ago

    His hair is like the 1970

  22. Joey Beller

    Joey Beller6 days ago

    Does anyone know the piano notes a sequence he is using?

  23. Mandy Lancaster

    Mandy Lancaster6 days ago

    I now all the words

  24. Wanda Kalmakoff

    Wanda Kalmakoff7 days ago

    He is so fucking amazing🔥

  25. Nicola Whip

    Nicola Whip7 days ago

    Can't count the times I've watched /listened to downfalls high, luv luv luv

  26. DM Tommo

    DM Tommo7 days ago

    my dumb ass thought this was one song this whole time

  27. dogface229

    dogface2297 days ago


  28. Tino Costa

    Tino Costa7 days ago

    mgk sejauh ini, di puncak karir, didapatkan tidak mudah. eh malah dapat sindiran lagu dari kambing hip hop. semangat terus bang MGK meskipun bhs. inggrisku tidak bagus. aku tetep support kamu 🤘🤘🤘 letssss gooo

  29. Tyler Muskett

    Tyler Muskett8 days ago

    I am fucking rish as hell And your videos are amazing

  30. Ava Grace

    Ava Grace8 days ago

    yeh i like it to like i listen yo this song like 7 times a day

  31. Mike Silvester

    Mike Silvester8 days ago

    The fact he was able do do this and remember not to curse, that’s uh- that’s very impressive.

  32. Ebuka Anafulu

    Ebuka Anafulu8 days ago

    Lol... can't wait for some NF X MGK?😁

  33. Jackovic Kvist

    Jackovic Kvist9 days ago

    Mgk is the fucking man. Man’s a legend

  34. kanishq

    kanishq10 days ago

    best singer !

  35. Able Ponce

    Able Ponce10 days ago

    MGK has real talent.

  36. benny williams

    benny williams10 days ago

    Fu*kin Amazing! I just went threw every emotion possible in 3 minutes and 12 seconds

  37. Helen Hanson

    Helen Hanson11 days ago

    This is the music I listen to when I was high school bring back that punk rock vide!

  38. Machine Life Reaper

    Machine Life Reaper11 days ago

    "All I know is this legendary"

  39. Baden Claassens

    Baden Claassens12 days ago

    bringing it back babbyyy

  40. Bryce Ward

    Bryce Ward12 days ago

    wow dude, well done!

  41. N90

    N9012 days ago

    no tis maerican

  42. TriggerHappyEU

    TriggerHappyEU12 days ago

    What must I do to get that pink guitar my dude?

  43. Filipe Caria

    Filipe Caria13 days ago

    Goated, simple as that

  44. Alex&Drew bro's

    Alex&Drew bro's13 days ago

    Love it man

  45. Cody Asplund

    Cody Asplund13 days ago

    Yea for real it’s incredible

  46. Shannon Hopkins

    Shannon Hopkins14 days ago

    U rocked it hard MGK,and looked like a million bucks ,loved it !

  47. Manak

    Manak14 days ago

    Didn't think these songs could hit me harder when they came until this medley came out

  48. lite senpai

    lite senpai14 days ago

    I was saving up for a pink guitar too but know that colsen did it now I decided, here me out... Thanos guitar

  49. Tanbir Nr

    Tanbir Nr14 days ago


  50. Dallas Drake

    Dallas Drake15 days ago

    No but for real call machine gun Kelly

  51. Dallas Drake

    Dallas Drake15 days ago

    Go r Kelly jk

  52. Dallas Drake

    Dallas Drake15 days ago

    I want to be a rock star

  53. Hannah Mathers

    Hannah Mathers15 days ago

    He should of added Kiss Kiss to this performance! But all in all this is amazing!!

  54. Adil zaraoui

    Adil zaraoui15 days ago

    best 2021 artwork

  55. Zukey

    Zukey15 days ago

    He literally grew because em everyone stop likening him cause of one song bro em made him change his whole songs bro he was rap now he is just a singer👨🏼‍💻

  56. Montavious Gray XX

    Montavious Gray XX8 days ago

    He still raps, gtfo you sound sad and pathetic

  57. foxy mangle club Gallegos

    foxy mangle club Gallegos16 days ago

    i love you

  58. foxy mangle club Gallegos

    foxy mangle club Gallegos16 days ago

    i love this song

  59. Angel M

    Angel M16 days ago

    He is so talented!!!!!!!!!

  60. Baba Yaga 80

    Baba Yaga 8016 days ago

    Boy has found his niche finally and he’s kicking ass know. Became a fan with this album. 🤘😎🤘👍

  61. mya manibusan

    mya manibusan16 days ago

    too good i need a studio version of this asap no rocky

  62. mya manibusan

    mya manibusan16 days ago

    so fucking talented i can't

  63. Angla Inam

    Angla Inam16 days ago

    Such beautiful talent ❤️ Thank you

  64. Manuella Brum

    Manuella Brum17 days ago

    The transition to bloody valentine was so smoooooooooooth

  65. Manuella Brum

    Manuella Brum17 days ago

    Is there anything he can't do? Fr this dude is AMAZING

  66. Manuella Brum

    Manuella Brum17 days ago

    I'm so jealous of his pink fancy instruments plz mine are so boringgggg hahah

  67. Dallas Drake

    Dallas Drake17 days ago

    I’m so sorry I have passion in my heart

  68. Oqtik

    Oqtik17 days ago

    do eminem fans come here just too dislike this....

  69. Vincent

    Vincent17 days ago

    Holy shit. This woke me up from my sleeping pills. How?!? I was out

  70. Tom Behnke

    Tom Behnke17 days ago

    This is the most talented thing I've seen a 'rapper" do ever. I don't want to oversell it, of course, but this was really sweet. It's far superior to anything we have ever seen Eminem do music wise. Eminem is still the GOAT, but MGK slayed his ass with Rap Devil. The last time Eminem was really relevant mainstream was when he had to fire back with Kill Shot. Basically,, MGK breathed life into the dying GOAT one last time. Eminem got himself a case of TDS and got a beard. That's his resume from 2016 until now. MGK is now pure fire and loved by man. He'll never be his idol, but that's okay. He'll be someone elses. Thank you.

  71. David Hager

    David Hager17 days ago

    He isn't playing that guitar......

  72. FBHI

    FBHI17 days ago

    This guy must have two brains!

  73. Isaac Major

    Isaac Major18 days ago

    Can someone tell me how to play this on piano, plz and thank you

  74. Elle Gee

    Elle Gee18 days ago

    Love the shout out to Op Ivy 🖤

  75. funny fager

    funny fager18 days ago

    Tickets to my downfall is my fav album

  76. Britt P

    Britt P18 days ago

    Taylor Swift & MGK Collab!!!

  77. LeBron James

    LeBron James19 days ago


  78. Ivan Tolj

    Ivan Tolj19 days ago

    rocks the sampler rocks the piano rocks the guitar and rocks the vocals !!

  79. Pancho Pistolas

    Pancho Pistolas19 days ago

    LMfao damn slim ended his rap career now he thinks he's a punk rocker lol

  80. zlvx

    zlvx12 days ago

    he made this style of music before that Eminem beef kiddo

  81. Tetea Af

    Tetea Af18 days ago

    And you still mad

  82. Lee Brown

    Lee Brown20 days ago

    He is the opposite of 2020

  83. Official Rosaila Magnolia

    Official Rosaila Magnolia20 days ago

    It really bothered me how he disrespected Eminem and because of that it took a while to really listen to his music again at the end of the day Eminem was everybody strength when we were all being trampled on through our lives in it and our journey and the dist the rap god of iconic empowering motivational music really pissed me off the look he changed his style and he's finding his way and he's not trying to be a rapper and he's just really trying to be something artistic instead of trying to be what the whole mass of society a bunch of followers are I recycle rence repeti copycatting

  84. Mike Hawk

    Mike Hawk20 days ago


  85. Jc Talamante

    Jc Talamante20 days ago

    your youtube video blew up not because of this advertisement but because of youtube algorithm

  86. Lola L

    Lola L20 days ago

    who else knew ever word and sang ever word


    SANTA CLAUS20 days ago


  88. Giulia

    Giulia20 days ago

    Please do a version of Drunk Face only piano and voice

  89. TIM Music

    TIM Music21 day ago

    i just started my own youtube channel becouse of the pandemic, you are inspiration to all of us, your music will live forever forever:)

  90. fuckedupswede

    fuckedupswede21 day ago

    I mean, I like MGK, but he is overrated compared to his vocal range, but I see he is a good product with looks and rebellion attitude, but he doesn't sell the voice to me at all, it's always a little bit off.

  91. John Zulueta Films

    John Zulueta Films21 day ago

    wtf its a better replacement for tom than skibba! hands down MGK, i really enjoyed the arangement of songs MGK and TRAVIS BARKER perfect combo

  92. Soldiers Doing Things

    Soldiers Doing Things21 day ago

    Xqc Really glowed up

  93. R Mc

    R Mc21 day ago

    the no swearing was good, my kids like the songs but i need to keep muting yo! but they know!

  94. Maria Hoffman

    Maria Hoffman21 day ago

    I have always loved MGK. He is finally where he deserves to be.

  95. Rosanna Burzio

    Rosanna Burzio21 day ago


  96. Bang Key

    Bang Key22 days ago

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  97. Ryan Duncan

    Ryan Duncan22 days ago

    Musical talent is something to envy 🔥

  98. Corey Rogers

    Corey Rogers22 days ago

    How do I do my hair like that? That dry look is raw as fuck.

  99. Bridget Beard

    Bridget Beard22 days ago


  100. beautiful4everr 55

    beautiful4everr 5522 days ago

    I like this better than the Kelly who wants to rap battle eminem and lose.

  101. vilja

    vilja22 days ago

    this is so fkn amazing

  102. Boltzmann Brain

    Boltzmann Brain22 days ago

    Anthony Fantano gave this album the dreaded “NOT GOOD!” review

  103. Brian Henson

    Brian Henson22 days ago

    a one man band on a gay piano

  104. DARK $AMI

    DARK $AMI22 days ago

    We Need This Song Studio Version (Drunk Face) 😭😭❤️ Love from Bangladesh 🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩

  105. Mila.official

    Mila.official22 days ago