Machine Gun Kelly - Hollywood Whore (Official Music Video)

Machine Gun Kelly - Hollywood Whore
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Music video by Machine Gun Kelly performing Hollywood Whore. © 2019 Bad Boy/Interscope Records


  1. Franz Kano

    Franz Kano5 hours ago

    so dope!

  2. The MenAC3

    The MenAC315 hours ago

    Dude had so much hate for dissin Em that this masterpiece flew over everyone’s heads. It’s a shame this isn’t as recognized as it should be

  3. Zachary Fischer

    Zachary Fischer2 days ago

    Is it just me or does this linkin park vibe fit mgk so well

  4. Choqi ツ

    Choqi ツ4 days ago


  5. Abbas Merchant

    Abbas Merchant4 days ago


  6. Abbas Merchant

    Abbas Merchant4 days ago

    tribute to linkIn park. Chester RIP

  7. Arsen Lucas

    Arsen Lucas5 days ago

    In the end.....!!!

  8. Adolf Hitler

    Adolf Hitler5 days ago

    my fav song and 20.000. comment its me

  9. Hejhy

    Hejhy6 days ago


  10. mell ozalp

    mell ozalp6 days ago

    This is a masterpiece and my all time favourite MGK song ❤️

  11. Hans Kammler

    Hans Kammler7 days ago

    He has real talent..multi talented

  12. Ebru Cüzzamlı

    Ebru Cüzzamlı8 days ago

    MGK - Hollywood B.tch's 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  13. HalfRedNation

    HalfRedNation8 days ago

    linkin park vibes

  14. Shane Hess

    Shane Hess8 days ago

    mgk is still the shit

  15. SHAshaNK PanT

    SHAshaNK PanT9 days ago


  16. Sara James

    Sara JamesDay ago

    R u kiding me kid

  17. JrMcBabyface

    JrMcBabyface9 days ago

    Thank you dude, for everything! You stay strong brother, you deserve the best for you and your daughter. Keep your eyes on the horizon

  18. HHIVR4

    HHIVR412 days ago

    The game only allows for 1 white rapper at a time.

  19. Yaneli Duran

    Yaneli Duran12 days ago

    Oh shit ._____.

  20. atrofa1913

    atrofa191313 days ago

    In the end n numb by linkin park mixed that's what it sounds like to me

  21. Kurt Cobain

    Kurt Cobain13 days ago


  22. JoshyXI

    JoshyXI13 days ago

    Only got into MGK recently, but he's already one of my favourite artists!

  23. dhrupad barua

    dhrupad barua14 days ago

    l0ve this s0ng❤❤

  24. Gabby Berry

    Gabby Berry15 days ago

    I love ya

  25. Material!!!!

    Material!!!!15 days ago

    Just to let you know I grew up on shady....Never subscribed....Not Real enough....Rap devil...pissed me off....I knew you was more....arch here.....God bless u bro.

  26. L LR

    L LR15 days ago

    dads i said where ca and left the couch when i was 2

  27. L LR

    L LR15 days ago

    im turning 218

  28. Sylvain Pitre Labreche

    Sylvain Pitre Labreche15 days ago

    C'est malade

  29. Caleb Bass

    Caleb Bass16 days ago

    Homie must’ve started taking acid and figured out his vibe 😂😂😂😂

  30. Panda 7w7

    Panda 7w716 days ago


  31. sin. sade

    sin. sade16 days ago

    2:50 rip Chester Bennington

  32. Robin

    Robin16 days ago

    Got residue from sedative I ain't get from the medic

  33. Ravi dai Ravi

    Ravi dai Ravi17 days ago

    Always high mgk luv from vagz

  34. Ravi dai Ravi

    Ravi dai Ravi17 days ago

    Golden god

  35. Ravi dai Ravi

    Ravi dai Ravi17 days ago

    Real rapper respect mgk luv

  36. Jacob Reis

    Jacob Reis17 days ago

    It sounds a bit like numb. The first few seconds

  37. Hordeath

    Hordeath18 days ago

    Insane! Masterpiece..

  38. MLPJBJ Formerly Reaper

    MLPJBJ Formerly Reaper18 days ago


  39. Christopher Philbates

    Christopher Philbates18 days ago

    Rook is killing it

  40. LarsTrygve Olsen

    LarsTrygve Olsen18 days ago


  41. Vivo Vivo

    Vivo Vivo19 days ago

    I want a Soundproof Basement fill up with Music just like the room in this Music Video. I Luv MG Kelly's songs, he is different with a new genre, a new style everything is different.

  42. Angela Vaughan

    Angela Vaughan19 days ago

    The city of angels danger.

  43. Alin Petrus

    Alin Petrus19 days ago

    Satanic shit!

  44. trashboi

    trashboi20 days ago

    anyone know where to buy that xx button up?

  45. jazmin a

    jazmin a20 days ago

    his reputation era

  46. AwakeningPeepz

    AwakeningPeepz20 days ago

    this goes hardd

  47. Rochelle Bethea

    Rochelle Bethea20 days ago

    Thsi reminds me of In the end,or Numb😞😎😞

  48. Reaper SF

    Reaper SF16 days ago

    This is made from the sample of Numb

  49. Joshua Daugherty

    Joshua Daugherty21 day ago

    You need a private jet mechanic? I would gladly keep your jet up and running

  50. Sunita Jyrwa

    Sunita Jyrwa21 day ago

    In this Album "hotel Diablo" Mgk proved the real meaning of underrated

  51. Zyad Al-khateeb

    Zyad Al-khateeb17 days ago

    So true

  52. Chloe Hayes

    Chloe Hayes22 days ago

    Chester would be proud x

  53. ZaChonko

    ZaChonko22 days ago

    Car salesmen am I right.

  54. Nawadkhera Haldwani Rural

    Nawadkhera Haldwani Rural21 day ago

    Your father tho

  55. MXXDS.

    MXXDS.22 days ago

    at 2.49, stick the playback to 0.25 for a surprise ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  56. New Woman

    New Woman23 days ago

    This should have been bigger.

  57. RaZorBack

    RaZorBack23 days ago

    Did anyone even notice this? Lyrics: (FIRST place) Isn't worth it when you see it's all (TWO-faced) Tryna fit into a world with no (new space) Commit THIRD degree murder (what FO(U)R?) Tryna play me like a Hollywood Whore No idea if that was intentional but if it was it was pure genius

  58. Ebuka Anafulu

    Ebuka Anafulu18 days ago

    Of course it was intended, I realized it long ago

  59. Nawadkhera Haldwani Rural

    Nawadkhera Haldwani Rural21 day ago

    What does it reffer to

  60. fearseekersflqa

    fearseekersflqa24 days ago

    Make another like this watch it blow up.

  61. seven moments

    seven moments24 days ago

    Swing life away was better plus stop using my name

  62. Kayla Henderson

    Kayla Henderson24 days ago

    The piano in the background sounds similar to Numb by linkin park but much slower, in some parts anyway; i think it's a piano. Though i assume thats part of the tribute; so beautiful

  63. Vishesh Mishra

    Vishesh Mishra24 days ago

    Stop hating him he is great

  64. Emre Demircio

    Emre Demircio24 days ago

    I cant stop replay this masterpiece since 2019

  65. Kim Bell

    Kim Bell24 days ago

    I just absolutely love that song! He is hot as f***! Megan you're lucky b****!

  66. tatusmachine01

    tatusmachine0124 days ago

    Damn, this song takes me to my childhood listening to Linkin Park and Limp Biskit.

  67. Hayden Perry

    Hayden Perry25 days ago

    Most underrated song of 2019

  68. Nathaniel Saffa

    Nathaniel Saffa25 days ago

    Daaamn i wonder now how tf i nvr heard this song Shit is truly umderrated fuck!! I feel his pain 😭

  69. Micah Gray

    Micah Gray25 days ago

    Love the vibes it feels like linkin park I love it🔥

  70. Skippy

    Skippy25 days ago

    God knows how many times I've watched this

  71. Mike Ant

    Mike Ant27 days ago

    I just became an MGK fan. Can’t believe I’m hearing these songs and watching his music videos for the first time. This man is so f**king talented

  72. Jay Bro

    Jay Bro3 days ago

    same homie

  73. Lucy

    Lucy10 days ago

    el diablo and floor 13 are definitely worth a listen too as well ^^

  74. Ich bin zu unkreativ für nen Namen lul

    Ich bin zu unkreativ für nen Namen lul15 days ago

    @Devan Wilburn nice

  75. Devan Wilburn

    Devan Wilburn16 days ago

    @Ich bin zu unkreativ für nen Namen lul he has a rap album on the way

  76. Ich bin zu unkreativ für nen Namen lul

    Ich bin zu unkreativ für nen Namen lul24 days ago

    @Devan Wilburn you think he will ever rap again??

  77. Ratih Nishimuraa

    Ratih Nishimuraa27 days ago

    Aaaaaaaaaaa loveyou😍😍😍😍 i from indonesia🤗

  78. Nitanz

    Nitanz27 days ago

    ❤️ #Nitanz

  79. Coen Dunne

    Coen Dunne29 days ago


  80. Travis Mellow

    Travis Mellow29 days ago

    Stick to this style it suits your music better

  81. Cruisehr28

    Cruisehr2825 days ago

    @Hayden Perry Yea, I liked Daywalker but he's gone too far from his comfort zone and his ability to pull a track like it off. That scremo metal style isn't something he pulls off well.

  82. Hayden Perry

    Hayden Perry25 days ago

    He is chasing some bullshit. He's playing a part/getting out of his comfort zone. I liked the OG MGK

  83. Marcus Hutchings

    Marcus Hutchings29 days ago

    Amazing work 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  84. 2Pac Forever96

    2Pac Forever96Month ago

    Damn I just can't stop listening to this song, it is truly an extraordinary achievement by MGK!!

  85. Владимир Dorian

    Владимир DorianMonth ago

    Почему так Линкин Парк пахнет?

  86. th3y_l0v3 _ch3y

    th3y_l0v3 _ch3yMonth ago

    Lyrics: Am I wrong for being lost? The pressures of being boss Exhausted every bone in my body, I can't walk I don't talk, I scream, I don't stop to think I'm so close to the dream that I can't go to sleep Ironic I know, so I need more chronic to roll Tryna find what's more important, the money or my soul? It's cold, I'm low I'm caught between the roads Under the Hollywood sign, you get blinded by the glow Uh, yo, how could you look me in the face? You sat at the table with my daughter Promising you got us right after you finished saying grace Why don't you tell her what your hidin' in the bank? It's time to cut my lawn and see the snakes It's time to tell the truth to every fan Who doesn't understand that it's because of you they had to wait While you left me here to deal with all the hate I still smile but feel so fake It's no sun the clouds are opaque So much shade I read on one page I can't even look at your name without getting the shakes What a mistake, uh Look how you take, uh What doesn't belong to you, this was a rape And if fate send us both to heaven I'ma keep a blade in my leather so I can kill you at the gate, uh Isn't worth it when you see it's all (two-faced) Tryna fit into a world with no (new space) Commit third degree murder (what for?) Tryna play me like a Hollywood Whore (First place) Isn't worth it when you see it's all (two-faced) Tryna fit into a world with no (new space) Commit third degree murder (what for?) Tryna play me like a Hollywood Whore I woke up sweatin' Tryna forget I'm in a mansion Because fans are mad at my expansion And my friend I thought was family who'd always understand me Got offended 'cause he jealous we're supposed to be at the Grammys I'm askin', when did pride and passion get mistaken for handouts and ass-kissing? The fact is I made it from trailer trash to Saks 5th Took it from underground to massive and the come up was classic Back when white boys rapped they gettin' their ass kicked I was battlin' putting these rappers in caskets I was walking home getting jumped after classes Tell me, why don't my haters mention that shit now? My rent is due and I'm the tenant getting by with no credit Got residue from sedative I ain't get from the medic My schedule is so fuckin' hectic but still I'm in debt I'd be better off dead so life insurance keeps my family fed It's because of y'all I couldn't separate from my career 'Cause of y'all I hated myself for so many years 'Cause of you, you ain't never gonna see me trust Even If I got a wife, she's just somebody I fuck Isn't worth it when you see it's all (two-faced) Tryna fit into a world with no (new space) Commit third degree murder (what for?) Tryna play me like a Hollywood Whore (First place) Isn't worth it when you see it's all (two-faced) Tryna fit into a world with no (new space) Commit third degree murder (what for?) Tryna play me like a Hollywood Whore City of Angels (danger) The City of Angels (danger)

  87. jason smith

    jason smithMonth ago


  88. Interesting World

    Interesting WorldMonth ago

    I love this song !

  89. Frank Urban

    Frank UrbanMonth ago

    "Because of you, you ain't never gonna see me trust. Even if I got a wife, she just somebody I f**k" 🔥🔥🔥🖤🖤🖤💔💔💔🤘🤘🤘

  90. Julie Andrews

    Julie AndrewsMonth ago


  91. Alejandro Cant� Palazuelos

    Alejandro Cant� PalazuelosMonth ago

    Hybrid Theory vibes

  92. เบญจพร โพร์ละคร

    เบญจพร โพร์ละครMonth ago


  93. PinkTaco OfDoom

    PinkTaco OfDoomMonth ago

    Riding into work with my friend and this song came on and I started singing along and my friend says so you know this one and I tell her nope, never heard it before but once it came on the lyrics were imprinted into my brain.

  94. Natusya

    NatusyaMonth ago

    Что за красавчик барабанщик?

  95. Hao Zhang

    Hao ZhangMonth ago

    Mgk mentioned in a interview the tour he was suppose to do with linkin park would’ve changed his life n then Chester passed, glad to c him shine n happy tho

  96. x vanquish

    x vanquishMonth ago

    Still here kuzn

  97. Alok kohli

    Alok kohliMonth ago


  98. FizzleMoose

    FizzleMooseMonth ago

    Fak off

  99. Devan Wilburn

    Devan Wilburn26 days ago


  100. Taelin Cusic

    Taelin Cusic29 days ago


  101. Ryan Abbott

    Ryan AbbottMonth ago


  102. Salvador Rondona

    Salvador RondonaMonth ago


  103. Afshin Hakimi

    Afshin HakimiMonth ago

    Fuck u mgk eminem is king

  104. Holly Won't

    Holly Won't14 days ago

    Thanks for stopping by.

  105. Devan Wilburn

    Devan Wilburn26 days ago

    Grow up bitch

  106. Reaper SF

    Reaper SF27 days ago

    Grow up

  107. Taelin Cusic

    Taelin Cusic29 days ago

    Grow up

  108. Aaron Plörer

    Aaron PlörerMonth ago

    Grow up

  109. High Octane

    High OctaneMonth ago

    Still an incredible song Kells fr u da man

  110. atrofa1913

    atrofa1913Month ago

    Linkin park!!! The beginning

  111. DeadMeme

    DeadMemeMonth ago

    this song is beautiful

  112. Phoenixangel 1111

    Phoenixangel 1111Month ago

    I just cut my only friend out of my life cause i almost died on march 4th. Went unconcious and dropped to the floor he didnt care , 23 year friendshim its true karmic endings are at play. I let go of my only friend. No part time people or once in a while care rype people thats not okay. U know whats even more fucked i always told him id make it so he doesnt have to work anymore when i start achieving my singing dreams and to take someone with u or try to keep someone on ur journey who wont ride with u every day, i dont want it..i had asked many times would he support me like go to shows come on tour with me when i do things like that someday and he was saying he disnt know he didnt really want to and that is bullshit thats not a true friend 🙏🙏 i will be okay! Im going to thrive. I really resonate with this song and that friend part about the grammys etc its gonna be me one day winning awards and some or many peeople just arent meant to go where youre going. Ill always love him and careand hold a place inmy heart.. that was my best friend since i was six years old but we are separating paths. i cut the tie, i had to and im going my own way like i shouldve a long time ago. 💓💓💓🙏🙏🌙👏💚💙✊ lace up!!!! EST4LIFE

  113. Devan Wilburn

    Devan Wilburn26 days ago


  114. Phoenixangel 1111

    Phoenixangel 1111Month ago

    The linkin park vibe just makes it even added bonus better. Love this

  115. Arian A

    Arian AMonth ago

    I love this guy so much

  116. Arian A

    Arian AMonth ago

    This man just spit the facts

  117. Arian A

    Arian AMonth ago

    How much i can relate to this is mad

  118. Arian A

    Arian AMonth ago

    Staright banger

  119. PAT HEADS

    PAT HEADSMonth ago

    Go back to rap bro, number 1 fan here

  120. Missy Starr

    Missy StarrMonth ago

    Did the mike hit his head??

  121. Holly Won't

    Holly Won't14 days ago

    Pieces of the guitar did...

  122. Mr Came

    Mr CameMonth ago

    So glad mgk can steal the titles of songs with less talent than the original creators

  123. P B

    P BMonth ago

    It's bringing goosebumps to me....