my ex's best friend/bloody valentine (New Year's Rockin' Eve Performance 2020/Medley)

Machine Gun Kelly performs my ex's best friend & bloody valentine on New Years Rockin Eve!
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  1. V Mackie

    V MackieDay ago


  2. Alexander Brownlee

    Alexander Brownlee5 days ago

    faze adapt

  3. Alexander Brownlee

    Alexander Brownlee5 days ago

    join faze and play fortnight with faze sway

  4. Alexander Brownlee

    Alexander Brownlee5 days ago

    i love you machine gun Kelly#fazeclan

  5. Kerry Egan

    Kerry Egan5 days ago

    This is random but I love the little finger wag he does whenever he performs the ex’s best friend song, watching him perform this song in different shows a couple of times he always does that it’s cute 🥰🥰🥰

  6. Saucy 3153

    Saucy 31539 days ago

    my guy really did a floor guitar performance

  7. Bird0fPrey

    Bird0fPrey10 days ago

    3:18 How embarrasing

  8. Melanie Fortier

    Melanie Fortier10 days ago

    Love the song❤❤❤❤

  9. Steven Lund

    Steven Lund12 days ago

    MGK, you’re worth $10mil. Buy some strap locks for your boys

  10. Lian Shuai Bei

    Lian Shuai Bei14 days ago

    These are good songs to listen

  11. Rayyan Baqai

    Rayyan Baqai15 days ago

    do another one next year

  12. Marica

    Marica15 days ago

    My respect for the guitarist: 📈📈📈

  13. georgia holliegrace

    georgia holliegrace18 days ago

    Now imagine this with the crowd singing 😍😌

  14. Rain Roth

    Rain Roth21 day ago


  15. ismie udeyn96

    ismie udeyn9622 days ago

    WOW GIRLS 18+ ARE WAITING FOR YOU USloft: This is fine Someone: Says "heck" USloft: BE GONE

  16. Ami11 1

    Ami11 122 days ago

    Wish i was back in new york

  17. im black

    im black23 days ago

    Your the best

  18. Robotic Tom

    Robotic Tom24 days ago

    He so talented

  19. Goldfruit Co

    Goldfruit Co24 days ago


  20. FRCooper6

    FRCooper624 days ago

    come to DUBAI

  21. Minecraft Nerd

    Minecraft Nerd26 days ago

    i have a yead ache

  22. Рамазан Тагиров

    Рамазан Тагиров26 days ago

    Incredible 🤜🤜🤜🤛🏻🤛🏻🤛🏻

  23. hey yo

    hey yo27 days ago

    I hate that there wasn't a crowd for this

  24. Stuart Burr

    Stuart Burr27 days ago



    ZE_GERMAN29 days ago


  26. Katia Luna

    Katia LunaMonth ago

    If you liked this, you might enjoy my cover of “Bloody Valentine” by MGK over on my channel :)

  27. Esteban Carrillo

    Esteban CarrilloMonth ago

    2:37 guy switches guitar nobody even notice it.

  28. Melanie Fortier

    Melanie FortierMonth ago

    Really amazeing guy😳😻❤❤❤

  29. Keen Vox doloris

    Keen Vox dolorisMonth ago

    The strap : aaiit imma ruin this man whole career the guitarist : I'm not gonna screw this up

  30. Jkle Gatren

    Jkle GatrenMonth ago

    It’s funny how all the 5 people jamming out are like “I literally have no idea who this guy is but I’m only here to get on tv so imma look happy” 😂

  31. Heather Large

    Heather LargeMonth ago

    Eminem really did a number on him

  32. Damon Connor

    Damon ConnorMonth ago

    My dad and me love you MGK❤️

  33. Realyn Gulla

    Realyn GullaMonth ago

    youre the best in live performace !!!!!!!!!I I LOVE YOU MGK!!!!!

  34. Felipe Bessa

    Felipe BessaMonth ago

    Perfect 👏🏻

  35. Moose

    MooseMonth ago


  36. Emma Walters

    Emma WaltersMonth ago

    omg i love uu mgk i am your 1 big fan

  37. Coot Newt

    Coot NewtMonth ago


  38. Linn Linn

    Linn LinnMonth ago

    3:17 didn’t even see his strap break o.o

  39. The Witch’s Request

    The Witch’s RequestMonth ago

    My guy needs some strap locks @ 3:18

  40. Georgia

    GeorgiaMonth ago

    Is nobody talking about 4:10 when he accidentally turns off his mic by clapping in the wrong place?? It should prove to all yall haters that say he isn’t actually singing....

  41. BigMac

    BigMacMonth ago

    Auto tune

  42. Aditya C Bisht

    Aditya C BishtMonth ago

    Poor mac

  43. Doctor Burchard Mixing

    Doctor Burchard MixingMonth ago

    Normal people see a guy dressed in pink, rocking out I see the 18 year old, bald headed Kells writing rhymes in his basement with Slim, barely dreaming of moments like this to finally making it to some of the world's biggest stages. All while trying to raise a daughter and battle depression, addiction, among other things. This dude is real and anyone who actually knows anything about him can see it too. Love you Kells!

  44. chellecat

    chellecatMonth ago

    A Hot Topic store exploded all over MGK!

  45. Steffen B

    Steffen BMonth ago

    Damn dude, you could've at least brought a fake guitarist who held a guitar before in his life

  46. Kashfia Islam

    Kashfia IslamMonth ago

    Machine Gun Kelly was only 5’0” when he was 12 years old.

  47. Alyssa Goussard

    Alyssa GoussardMonth ago

    I love you. So much mgk

  48. sindy lmao

    sindy lmaoMonth ago

    when he said " it's cold out here " randomly 😩

  49. misspretty301

    misspretty301Month ago

    Oh so I guess he ain’t gangsta anymore didn’t work for him lol

  50. Kyleigh Brooke

    Kyleigh BrookeMonth ago

    He has natural talent

  51. Ant Johnson

    Ant JohnsonMonth ago


  52. Kashfia Islam

    Kashfia IslamMonth ago

    Machine Gun Kelly hit puberty very late.

  53. Conal Flood

    Conal FloodMonth ago

    Yo he threw the pick off the stage, in an interview, I think maybe the Howard Stern one, he said how he always wanted to that at a concert since going to rock concerts when he was younger. Thats so cool

  54. Nicolae Liviu Cercelaru

    Nicolae Liviu CercelaruMonth ago

    Eminem changed your career , you are a rockstar now, it will pass and you will be forgoten 👋👋👋

  55. Upek Hathnagoda

    Upek HathnagodaMonth ago

    No words ❤️

  56. Amy Pink

    Amy PinkMonth ago

    LdssEMQl lm really,. Fd a.....

  57. All Tilt

    All TiltMonth ago

    King of covid Dude killed it

  58. lore castro

    lore castroMonth ago


  59. Kashfia Islam

    Kashfia IslamMonth ago

    Machine Gun Kelly’s natural eye color is the same as John Deacon’s wife, Veronica Tetzlaff’s natural eye color.

  60. Taylor Afton

    Taylor AftonMonth ago

    I like your songs can you give me a shout out after your other song Pwease🥺🥺🥺

  61. izaisboring

    izaisboringMonth ago

    i'm so ready to go to his concerts let's gOOOOOO

  62. Melanie_ Kkronikal

    Melanie_ KkronikalMonth ago

    love your songs so much 🔥❤💯

  63. fireus tulip garanchon

    fireus tulip garanchonMonth ago


  64. jake g

    jake gMonth ago

    i use that "it's cold out here" line all the time now lol

  65. The used Fan

    The used FanMonth ago

    Why doses every one have to wear face mask but mgk

  66. Tyler Zody

    Tyler Zody2 months ago

    Been to his concert before, that cold made his voice raspy asf.

  67. Boaz Oakenshield

    Boaz Oakenshield2 months ago

    At 3:18 one of the guitarist’s straps breaks so he sita down

  68. Boaz Oakenshield

    Boaz Oakenshield2 months ago

    I think travis is on drums !

  69. Isabel Sayers

    Isabel Sayers2 months ago

    Can we just appreciate MGKs hair and outfit omg 😱🥰

  70. Sarah Elizabeth

    Sarah Elizabeth2 months ago

    The fact they didn't switch camera angles to the close up fan service he was giving us in the middle (4:00) was an absolute TRAGEDY!!

  71. Javi del Val

    Javi del Val2 months ago

    lmfao mgk nearly broke the fuckin mic with the clappin

  72. Javi del Val

    Javi del Val2 months ago

    3:18 LMFAOOO come on man fuckin pathetic you can't actually play FOUR FUCKIN CHORDS? and y'all call this punk smfh i honestly prefer them doing that trap garbage at least it's honest ·

  73. Javi del Val

    Javi del Val2 months ago

    no one: kells: it's cold out here

  74. crash

    crash2 months ago

    I feel bad for the guy. Without the pandemic, there would be a million people there for his show easy. And just to point out a few things. . . - no auto tune - no lip synced - plays his own instruments - writes his own music I have no idea why this guy isn't getting more credit for what he's doing. He's redefining an entire genre of music and doing it completely it on his own terms. The guy is making history by what he's doing and the critics downplay it because its "pop punk"?? Seriously, WTF? He deserves WAY more credit than what he gets.

  75. Joshua A

    Joshua A2 months ago

    Are we not gonna talk about how Hollywood makes you anything they want. This dude went from rapping to now playing the guitar in an alternative band ? Am I in the twilight zone?


    D乇VILツ GAMERS2 months ago


  77. SuperGoat OG

    SuperGoat OG2 months ago

    Rook is super good on the guitar

  78. ᗩᘻᗷᘿᖇ

    ᗩᘻᗷᘿᖇ2 months ago

    All the unused balls and confetti that just flies in front of the band, makes it all look sad. Just shows how much Covid has sucked the life out of things.

  79. Aries

    Aries2 months ago

    I thought the guitarist was pulling some AC/DC type shit laying on the floor, now I know it's because his strap just broke off. Mad respect tho, dude kept the vibe going


    BUSINESS BITES2 months ago


  81. Valentina Garrido

    Valentina Garrido2 months ago

    Pink is tickets to my downfall official color

  82. Kaini Hrangbung

    Kaini Hrangbung2 months ago

    One of the best performance ever.....❤️❤️❤️

  83. Cyber Wolf

    Cyber Wolf2 months ago

    Who saw this on TV?

  84. pat

    pat2 months ago

    Hes copyin Lil peep so hard Its so sad he doesnt have any own stuff and style a must to copy that :(

  85. Yami Mahō

    Yami MahōMonth ago

    You must be deaf bruh, lil peep has kind of a slow melodic song while mgk here has a fast phased upbeat song

  86. alex yokeley

    alex yokeley2 months ago

    i tied ti warch this live but the peopel that were with me were being super loud and i couldnt hear him

  87. ava conway-dyer

    ava conway-dyer2 months ago


  88. Nathan Lehn

    Nathan Lehn2 months ago

    Fuck yes

  89. israel mendoza

    israel mendoza2 months ago

    Would love to go to a full concert of this album!!!!!

  90. katie crabb

    katie crabb2 months ago


  91. Blanka Augustino

    Blanka Augustino2 months ago

    Poor MGK playing to blow up balls. I love the pink. Xx

  92. I know that's right

    I know that's right2 months ago

    in my yead In my yead I'm hugging colson in NY

  93. Lorie Anderson

    Lorie Anderson2 months ago


  94. Virag Jain

    Virag Jain2 months ago


  95. Jessy Arah Posadas

    Jessy Arah Posadas2 months ago


  96. IBK Attmpt

    IBK Attmpt2 months ago

    The little look the guitarist gave when the strap broke and camera was on him💀

  97. nillawat

    nillawat2 months ago

    Loving the downfalls high guitar!

  98. Kat Hall

    Kat Hall2 months ago

    I fken hate this NEW NORMAL. Bring back the times when we could go to see our heroes, live, at concerts, NOT JUST A SELECTED FEW. Damn it. I'd give anything to bring my child to see him, I hope this stops before my time stops. Please stay safe, healthy, kind, strong and happy everyone, peace and much love sent from Ontario, Canada.

  99. Jan Bab

    Jan Bab2 months ago


  100. Heather Todd

    Heather Todd2 months ago

    Guitar strap breaks camera pans away. Camera pans back guitarist is just rolling around the stage 😂😂😂

  101. Steven Ellerbee

    Steven Ellerbee2 months ago

    My honest opinion is that he's got the confidence, but MGK's vocals need some work. He's a great guitar player and the lyrics are great, but his vocals need some work. If he can learn to sing flawlessly, this good song will be turned into a great song. Just my opinion. Good performance nonetheless.

  102. Leroy Searles

    Leroy Searles2 months ago

    When was punk about good vocals?

  103. Kai Bruntmyer

    Kai Bruntmyer2 months ago

    I’ve watched this an unhealthy amount of times