Machine Gun Kelly - Downfalls High

Downfalls High, a film by Machine Gun Kelly & Mod Sun
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Music video by Machine Gun Kelly, Halsey, blackbear performing Downfalls High. © 2021 Bad Boy/Interscope Records


  1. vivet litore

    vivet litoreHour ago

    This is amazing

  2. Bryce Bishop

    Bryce BishopHour ago

    26:41 holy shit

  3. Bryce Bishop

    Bryce BishopHour ago

    "life sucks everywhere bro. let's get a burger."

  4. itishotHere

    itishotHere2 hours ago


  5. Gülcan İnan

    Gülcan İnan2 hours ago

    Birbiriyle alakasız olup bu kadar güzel olan başka Bi video yok😅

  6. D. Mac

    D. Mac2 hours ago

    This is 🔥.

  7. Torianlol

    Torianlol2 hours ago

    Hello, I'm from Russia. If someone asks us , what are you doing? Like that girl. Usually the answer is-do you have any problems? no? They'll be here soon! My brain refuses to believe that this girl and the guy with the black hair will be fine.

  8. Cptain.Fine

    Cptain.Fine4 hours ago

    So this is what happens when u diss eminem 😂


    HYVNG LVRD4 hours ago

    Took me awhile but god damn is this fire

  10. djcarelessperris

    djcarelessperris5 hours ago

    Wow 👏 😮 👏

  11. Slvgr

    Slvgr6 hours ago

    anyone realize mgk isnt actually playing the guitar?

  12. Leo Moura

    Leo Moura7 hours ago


  13. Mikayla Aspeslet

    Mikayla Aspeslet7 hours ago

    I need some wicked plastic surgery pretty soon fuckk

  14. Mikayla Aspeslet

    Mikayla Aspeslet8 hours ago

    its too cute aha fucking relatable tbh 👀👀👁

  15. MG 911

    MG 9119 hours ago

    Yes we come here every day


    SALLAD GAMING10 hours ago


  17. Jeremy Crosby

    Jeremy Crosby11 hours ago


  18. North Terror

    North Terror11 hours ago

    This is a huge step up for most of the rap he did, can picture hearing this in a tony hawk game so sounds good to me!

  19. John Blaine

    John Blaine12 hours ago

    I met my wife in high school. It was this magical. Sometimes it happens

  20. filthyreece

    filthyreece12 hours ago

    MGK deserve a grammy for this. this shit got me in my feels

  21. filthyreece

    filthyreece12 hours ago

    okay halfway into the fuckin movie im crying my eyes out, this is beautiful.

  22. Dark Girl

    Dark Girl12 hours ago

    Literally this is a fuckin' master piece!

  23. Samantha Nicholls

    Samantha Nicholls13 hours ago

    I love fenix

  24. Gamer Guy

    Gamer Guy13 hours ago

    At first I thought it was dumb that he cut his ear off, But after watching it and seeing that he used scarlets knife makes so much more sense

  25. X- Snipo21

    X- Snipo2113 hours ago

    I'm rocking the storyline and clothes

  26. KnopperBopper

    KnopperBopper13 hours ago

    watched this for the 5th time today, i still love this

  27. Mr.Popeyes

    Mr.Popeyes14 hours ago

    Damn, this a whole fking movie

  28. Colten

    Colten14 hours ago

    I cried the whole video. So good, but I'm not okay.

  29. ikooko

    ikooko15 hours ago

    this is music with a story and I love it.... Thank you :3

  30. jay Cruz

    jay Cruz16 hours ago


  31. liaxt10

    liaxt1017 hours ago

    This came out on my birthday

  32. • SixUchihaPaths •

    • SixUchihaPaths •14 hours ago


  33. Sub Zero

    Sub Zero17 hours ago


  34. gewoondo

    gewoondo20 hours ago

    Love to mgk I want to go to a concert

  35. CATVLYST Music

    CATVLYST Music20 hours ago

    academy award - best first time director - kelly

  36. Rukan

    Rukan20 hours ago

    I'm watching this again.

  37. Shinso

    Shinso20 hours ago

    I balled my eyes out at this thank you mgk

  38. Floppy Balz

    Floppy Balz21 hour ago

    I've probably listened to this a hundred times already, aight brb gonna play it again.

  39. Moody Shakib

    Moody Shakib22 hours ago

    Loved this

  40. Nevaeh O'Connell

    Nevaeh O'ConnellDay ago

    Every song by MGK is a banger!!!!

  41. Trippy Kate

    Trippy KateDay ago

    Random tiktokers getting famous off of no talent >>>> people with actual talent not getting the recognition they deserve. LMFAO WHAT IS THIS 🤣. I love MGK but come tf on

  42. FeuerTeufel

    FeuerTeufelDay ago

    This is a masterpiece! I'm absolutely in love ❤️

  43. Still 481

    Still 481Day ago

    Too strong👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

  44. Yule Fitzgerald

    Yule FitzgeraldDay ago

    Damn he looks like a young Brian Molko! (Fenix I mean)

  45. Jorden Babik

    Jorden BabikDay ago

    This is a fucking masterpiece! Greetings from Germany.

  46. Wrigley Experiment

    Wrigley ExperimentDay ago

    I hate this bit its pretty tight thogh.

  47. Dalton White

    Dalton WhiteDay ago

    Your a goat at this style man. I had some trouble backing you after the em beef, however you lit some real vibes here. 💯💥

  48. Maja Konieczek

    Maja KonieczekDay ago

    can anyone explain the ending please

  49. Forsakken 1

    Forsakken 1Day ago

    I literally watch this whole album on a weekly basis it's my serenity for my anxiety ❤️🔥🔥🔥

  50. Dime

    DimeDay ago

    fuck i love this

  51. Nayha Mistick

    Nayha MistickDay ago

    Never underestimate my capacity to watch this over and over again.

  52. hazelboy

    hazelboyDay ago

    I Got Jeans On Me 👖

  53. Zach Helm

    Zach HelmDay ago

    28:47 DAMN TRAVIS didnt have to chuck that drumstick like that

  54. Annie Grace

    Annie GraceDay ago

    Is that ion dior I think it is 😜😜😜

  55. RealLifeWukki

    RealLifeWukkiDay ago

    I've replayed this whole MASTERPIECE at least 5:30 666 times. It feels so complicated, I swear to god. I never fall in love, But I cant get enough of it.

  56. RealLifeWukki

    RealLifeWukkiDay ago

    once i posted this, i found the easter egg... HOLY FUCK.

  57. Annie Grace

    Annie GraceDay ago

    I love you black bear lil huddy and mgk❤️❤️❤️😘😍👍😊🤩

  58. Annie Grace

    Annie GraceDay ago

    Me is that lil huddy my brain hmm love you Mgk I love your music ❤️👍☺️😘😜😍


    ARSVNICCCDay ago

    She died too soon

  60. Sdono Mssk

    Sdono MsskDay ago

    Avete fatto una bellissima cosa

  61. Rogério Ferreira de Oliveira

    Rogério Ferreira de OliveiraDay ago

    All the songs are Perfect. Love it.

  62. Shana Jennings

    Shana JenningsDay ago

    Dear god I hope travis barker and MGK never stop making pop punk 🙏 😤

  63. Content User

    Content UserDay ago

    Thank you helping me with my alc problem. lol. stop drinking plz

  64. Stuka

    StukaDay ago

    I had an accident on Feb 28th of this year. I ended up in the hospital and fortunately it was only a femur fracture and a semi-collapsed lung. I used to watch and listen to this on my no-bright cellphone as my family could only charge it when they weren't with me. It makes me remember how lucky I was and how the doctors helped me pull through. I am 22 years old and will never take anything for granted. Thank you god.

  65. Hunter Brownley

    Hunter BrownleyDay ago


  66. Cole goerlich

    Cole goerlichDay ago

    Duplicate acct made and comments remmoved asap. Sorry I'm not perfect but I'm removing.

  67. Béla22

    Béla22Day ago

    this is absolutely insane

  68. Judy Lynn Moore

    Judy Lynn MooreDay ago

    I really like this kinda new punk kind a thing. I always thought he was just a rapper and he's got alotta versatility. He certainly doesn't have to be like any other artist cuz this new thing is pretty kick ass and who knows what direction he can go in. Don't box yourself into anything

  69. Gloria Brown

    Gloria BrownDay ago

    oh my god i that lil hudey

  70. Lexus Randall-Kaczmarek

    Lexus Randall-KaczmarekDay ago

    Are you kidding me? This is so f***ing good.



    I'm late but in loved it..also is this what really happened?

  72. Currly

    CurrlyDay ago

    Bring back skate punk into the scene my man. Forget rapping for now. The world was better when skate culture was pop culture. I met so many awesome people. Now days people just suck.

  73. skips the kitten

    skips the kittenDay ago

    me using up my whole lunch vreak in school just to watch this lol but its worth it 😜😎

  74. ・dark meii・

    ・dark meii・Day ago

    is that chase?

  75. Isabela Moreira

    Isabela MoreiraDay ago

    jesus christ

  76. MJ K

    MJ KDay ago

    I fucking LOVE this!

  77. Randy Lindberg

    Randy LindbergDay ago

    I just noticed after the 10th time watching, Scarlett friend is wearing a MN shirt while she is rocking her purse. Anyone know if there is a connection there..?? SKOL

  78. Almost Clipz

    Almost ClipzDay ago

    Dude travis barker as the drummer is the best choice

  79. fireglader32

    fireglader32Day ago

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  80. Keely Evans

    Keely EvansDay ago

    Too good! Thank you!

  81. Aldo Marcelo Benites Palomino

    Aldo Marcelo Benites Palomino2 days ago

    This pop-punk revival is perfect. I listened to emo while a teenager and now is part of my late 20's existencial crisis hahahaha

  82. kak_has_eyes

    kak_has_eyes2 days ago

    Jesus of Suburbia except it's mgk and e-boys instead of Punks

  83. Kloey Biddle

    Kloey Biddle2 days ago


  84. Zaney

    Zaney2 days ago

    This was a masterpiece holy

  85. Duane Janse Van Vuuren

    Duane Janse Van Vuuren2 days ago

    lets gooooo!!!!

  86. Adam Jackson

    Adam Jackson2 days ago

    I wonder if this was in mind when the album was done

  87. Bollshoj Man

    Bollshoj Man2 days ago

    39:20 what is it? Name this song?

  88. ultimatum Alchy

    ultimatum Alchy2 days ago

    Respect Man for this man !

  89. Spongebob

    Spongebob2 days ago

    “When all the minutes become moments ...when the high runs out...the downfall is inevitable... I hope you find a soft place to land”

  90. brandon kuz

    brandon kuz2 days ago


  91. The Technicolor Abortion

    The Technicolor Abortion2 days ago

    This shit is embarrassing. Dude is 30 years old making this emo, teenie booper trash. Leave the lame ass pop-punk in it's early 00's grave. There's no need to reanimate that corpse.

  92. Halen Beaumont

    Halen Beaumont2 days ago

    lemme guess, your into modern rap

  93. Eric Mcanany

    Eric Mcanany2 days ago

    This all the way fire, beat it

  94. Pussy Destroyer

    Pussy Destroyer2 days ago

    27:19 Lil aaron

  95. Kate Knight

    Kate Knight2 days ago

    The best music videos are thr ones with the storys

  96. Kate Knight

    Kate Knight2 days ago

    When u think thr songs gunner end and u look im on 6 minits hoe much longer are yes just over harf an hour

  97. Kate Knight

    Kate Knight2 days ago

    Driver be like yh im roclin out fpr the video but after i get to pick the music 😂

  98. Kate Knight

    Kate Knight2 days ago

    Yusee thier all taking thier school photos how they want .......nowever days sit still please tern your hard to the side away from your body and look into the camera

  99. Kate Knight

    Kate Knight2 days ago

    Nerse just walks past and says "exuse me can u be quite this is a hospital "😂😂😂

  100. fakephobia

    fakephobia2 days ago

    Melanie Martinez did it first, This one is cool tho

  101. Jaclyn Garner

    Jaclyn GarnerDay ago

    kayne and probably fall out boy did it before her though ahahah it's not a new concept but a great way to show the intended story of the album

  102. Paige Lange

    Paige Lange2 days ago

    32:22 got me hooked af

  103. Shadxw FrxstRL

    Shadxw FrxstRL2 days ago

    Welcome back this isn’t your first time here

  104. Jaclyn Garner

    Jaclyn GarnerDay ago

    everyday, I may need to tell my therapist

  105. hellboy

    hellboy2 days ago


  106. ArmeN

    ArmeN2 days ago


  107. Ann

    Ann2 days ago

    oh I´m crying... Amazing film

  108. Madison Jade

    Madison Jade2 days ago

    I just got his merchandise for my brithday! I got stickers & 2 shirts! istg i almost passed out.

  109. Madison Jade

    Madison JadeDay ago

    How did my comment get highlighted?!?! Did MGK do that? Bro I am hyperventilating