Bloody Valentine (The Late Late Show With James Corden At Home Performance/2020)

Bloody Valentine by Machine Gun Kelly is available now!
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  1. Beep Beep

    Beep Beep20 hours ago

    No way was this nearly a year ago💀

  2. Loosing Sleep

    Loosing Sleep21 hour ago

    Mans is living a 2000s wet dream playing pop punk with barker & dating Megan fox😂😂😂

  3. orange boi

    orange boi2 days ago

    dude his vocals improved MAJORLY

  4. John Zurcher

    John Zurcher3 days ago

    Who hates when there device dies when they watch this ⬇️

  5. CRYME Oficial

    CRYME Oficial4 days ago


  6. Amelia Garcia

    Amelia Garcia5 days ago

    I feel like this is the music he wants to do but he also likes acoustic

  7. EST19XX Ordonez

    EST19XX Ordonez6 days ago

    been one year now lol

  8. Yuri Navarausky

    Yuri Navarausky8 days ago

    0:37 hahahahahahahahaha

  9. Amazin5hot

    Amazin5hot8 days ago

    A person who can sing live just like in the studio is really talented in my book, unlike a lot of "artists"

  10. Mac Ron

    Mac Ron10 days ago

    Hey trav. What up.... haaa

  11. Armand Quitlong

    Armand Quitlong13 days ago

    Keep it up idol colson and travis ☝️

  12. Nya Gledhill_02

    Nya Gledhill_0214 days ago

    I love him 😍

  13. lite senpai

    lite senpai14 days ago

    Me in my head performing this to my fans popping off with a pink electric guitar... pepeLaugh

  14. Xx_Awsome Sisters_xX

    Xx_Awsome Sisters_xX16 days ago

    I love his songs I can’t stop listening to them

  15. Josh Hawk

    Josh Hawk17 days ago

    White privilege 101

  16. Yaphet

    Yaphet17 days ago

    You gave me a yedache.

  17. Julie dipoce

    Julie dipoce17 days ago


  18. phsx

    phsx19 days ago

    Didnt hear who MGK is before, but stumbled upon his last album on youtube. Man, this seriously is amazing music, keep doing this mate :) Revive pop-rock

  19. Ivan Tolj

    Ivan Tolj19 days ago

    MGK AND TB THANK YOU !!! PunkRock is not dead !

  20. Lukas Geerse

    Lukas Geerse20 days ago

    Thais si my fu**ing stile of music



    Porque no canta mi parte favorita? :(

  22. Seiya

    Seiya21 day ago


  23. EmpressOf Annihilation

    EmpressOf Annihilation21 day ago

    I think he found his style of music but I already know somebody’s gonna say that Eminem forced him to switch genres like stfu

  24. marilyn veilleux corbeil

    marilyn veilleux corbeil21 day ago

    Freaking love him :o

  25. FLVWS

    FLVWS22 days ago

    I like MGK with this music

  26. Trypho

    Trypho24 days ago

    Colson do u still do drugs?? 🤔🤔😣😣

  27. Reinhard

    Reinhard24 days ago

    Fucking language I ride from Austria Kel

  28. Reinhard

    Reinhard24 days ago

    I Love this fucking Sound good luck drin Austria

  29. Maddie Miller

    Maddie MillerMonth ago

    Two legends

  30. Jax Cummins

    Jax CumminsMonth ago


  31. fsrodeo81

    fsrodeo81Month ago

    travis is always the MAN...

  32. PeaceAndEats

    PeaceAndEatsMonth ago

    LOVE IT!!!

  33. 20EC547 Sahil Vanjari

    20EC547 Sahil VanjariMonth ago

    No auto tune guys

  34. Lauren Hunsaker

    Lauren HunsakerMonth ago

    his next album better be just like this

  35. Maddie Miller

    Maddie MillerMonth ago

    his last album was just like this lol

  36. Jonathan Stummer

    Jonathan StummerMonth ago

    Legend has it, the only thing keeping this world spinning is Travis' drum stick.

  37. HomerSimping

    HomerSimpingMonth ago

    I feel like LAROI should try punk rock...maybe

  38. Maddie Miller

    Maddie MillerMonth ago

    he has a song with mgk

  39. Mark McCrudden

    Mark McCruddenMonth ago

    God this sucks balls

  40. Mark McCrudden

    Mark McCruddenMonth ago

    @Maddie Miller great question Maddie some of m favourites are Young The Giant, The Dead South (Sugar & Joy is an awesome album) Explosions in the Sky- all albums are great. Recently been loving Cobra Man. And also classic rock: The Beatles-Rubber Soul there best album BTW. The Clash- London Calling. And a ton of other stuff but it’s got to have soul, meaning, and some good old great harmonies.

  41. Maddie Miller

    Maddie MillerMonth ago

    and who do u listen to

  42. Minecraft Nerd

    Minecraft NerdMonth ago

    Machine Gun Kelly Blink 182 Drummer Metallica Shirt Hotel Trivago

  43. EmmaRose Harrelson

    EmmaRose HarrelsonMonth ago


  44. Tin Meister

    Tin MeisterMonth ago

    This rocks.

  45. Bradly Redfield

    Bradly RedfieldMonth ago

    I was never a big fan of MGK’s rap music, but I gotta say, I’m impressed with Tickets To My Downfall. Can’t wait for the next!

  46. tommy borchert

    tommy borchertMonth ago

    where the hell is rook? sold him out for a bigger name drummer? like he hasnt put his dues in?

  47. Maddie Miller

    Maddie MillerMonth ago

    rook is in the hospital

  48. Kenzi Schrag

    Kenzi SchragMonth ago


  49. Lesa Gosselin

    Lesa GosselinMonth ago

    Travis Barker --> LEGEND

  50. ᴇ.ᴅ.

    ᴇ.ᴅ.Month ago

    The true MGK

  51. Sweet Ana

    Sweet AnaMonth ago

    He is so fine and talented. This song is amazing. It is spooky

  52. Satchelle Renz Ellaga

    Satchelle Renz EllagaMonth ago

    I watched this high and I would say this is MGK’s best performance ever!

  53. swagginess

    swagginessMonth ago

    We gonna ignore the "baby" at 2:40 nah lets talk about that

  54. M.

    M.Month ago

    uhohitsvanessarae FRRRR

  55. swagginess

    swagginessMonth ago


  56. M.

    M.Month ago

    uhohitsvanessarae I?know?right. That shouldnt be legal

  57. M.

    M.Month ago

    uhohitsvanessarae i??know??right

  58. swagginess

    swagginessMonth ago

    @M. it should not be so attractive

  59. Semon Rai

    Semon RaiMonth ago

    YEAD . sounds familiar

  60. zachy

    zachyMonth ago

    Who says pink isnt cool in 2021???

  61. Aaron Gomez

    Aaron GomezMonth ago

    What is this kind of music called?

  62. Aaron Gomez

    Aaron GomezMonth ago

    @Santiago Loisso thank you

  63. Santiago Loisso

    Santiago LoissoMonth ago

    It's called Pop Punk

  64. Michael Jones

    Michael JonesMonth ago

    Id not listened to MGK till Thursday when a mate played me this album...I haven't stopped listening to it! Amazing album! I hope he sticks at it with this genre 👌

  65. Kashfia Islam

    Kashfia IslamMonth ago

    Machine Gun Kelly was only 5’0” when he was 12 years old.

  66. Kashfia Islam

    Kashfia IslamMonth ago

    Machine Gun Kelly hit puberty very late.

  67. matthew arluna

    matthew arlunaMonth ago

    I think the "Shit!!" at the end sealed the deal....This song goes hard...Love it!

  68. Boaz Oakenshield

    Boaz OakenshieldMonth ago

    Travis barker is amazing at drums & makes vegans looks good. Keep it up brothers! MGK is really poppin during quarantine, he should release a beer called MGD!

  69. YOUR MOM

    YOUR MOMMonth ago

    i cant tell you how many times i’ve listened to this song

  70. mike renza

    mike renzaMonth ago

    He keeps making songs like this he is gonna make a shit ton of money.

  71. Ben Brosca

    Ben BroscaMonth ago

    Travis is cool as a cucumber


    THE UNKNOWNMonth ago

    I love mgk when he sing it got bass and I love it

  73. Lola

    LolaMonth ago

    I’m laughing right now, I’ve wanted the shirt he’s wearing for, 3 years?? Idk it’s been more then awhile. I completely forgot about it! Thanks for the reminder Kelly

  74. Sam Armstrong

    Sam ArmstrongMonth ago

    I’ve listened to the entire album (including acoustic) 6 times today and watched the music video/movie 2 times. Just keeps getting better

  75. Martin Egan

    Martin EganMonth ago

    megan fox as his missus and travis barker drumming for him,sorry eminem but i think mgk may have won the arguement

  76. CODE

    CODEMonth ago

    at the start of the vid. Imagine if a car just go vroom vroom on mgk...

  77. Vaughn Gyles Ragada

    Vaughn Gyles RagadaMonth ago

    Punks not Dead.

  78. gavin mclane

    gavin mclaneMonth ago

    Eminem might have saved this guys career actually

  79. Miali

    MialiMonth ago

    Oh god i love him so much

  80. fireus tulip garanchon

    fireus tulip garanchonMonth ago


  81. Lombok Ponix

    Lombok PonixMonth ago

    Love it,. From indonesia 🤙

  82. LuRush

    LuRushMonth ago

    I need that chords

  83. MrRechtSo

    MrRechtSoMonth ago

    Travis is still going strong...what a legend

  84. Xena

    XenaMonth ago

    Omg his voice has no difference from the audio

  85. Chrostopher Ribons

    Chrostopher Ribons2 months ago

    Anyone else notice Travis's Metallica shirt tho🤘

  86. Ava Murawski

    Ava Murawski2 months ago

    I loved I think I'm okay- and thats how I became a fan of this amazing dude- I'm 15, and so so happy that I get to grow up with MGK and Yungblud. Tickets to My Downfall is AMAZING and so is Downfalls High is AMAZING and MGK is AMAZING. That's all, thanks for coming to my ted talk.

  87. GamerRoyale

    GamerRoyale2 months ago

    Hate me all you want, but I don't think rap is real music. Sure, it sounds nice and all, but it ain't actual music. THIS, this is real music. I too, like some rap songs but most of them are just the dude talking fast in a faint rhythm, but this? Oh hell yes give me more of this.

  88. Nisrine Yala

    Nisrine Yala2 months ago


  89. Nesian Lutali

    Nesian Lutali2 months ago

    MGK really fits this style🔥🐐

  90. Pat Broadbent

    Pat Broadbent2 months ago

    "Hey Trav"

  91. Z Z

    Z Z2 months ago

    Shit, take me back to high school! I love it, MGK bringing whole genres back from the early 2000s.

  92. Mario B

    Mario B2 months ago

    On background, you can see Travis making his juggling with drum's sticks...

  93. Johannes Mertens

    Johannes Mertens2 months ago


  94. Javi del Val

    Javi del Val2 months ago

    okay but this is literally just the studio song tf you mean performance lmfao

  95. Enrique Aguayo

    Enrique Aguayo2 months ago

    FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!! BRING BACK PUNK!!!!!!

  96. Johannes Mertens

    Johannes Mertens2 months ago


  97. 27post

    27post2 months ago

    I could legit watch Barker drum all day long

  98. Captain Swashbuckle

    Captain Swashbuckle2 months ago

    Finally, some good fucking music

  99. dan keller

    dan keller2 months ago

    Great song! Great video!

  100. Nico Serrano

    Nico Serrano2 months ago

    zo teno eza camiza

  101. sage v

    sage v2 months ago

    i love the “breathy-ness” to his voice it suits him so well

  102. Jowita Bartosiewicz

    Jowita Bartosiewicz2 months ago

    it was so long ago

  103. Make America Great Again Nunyeah

    Make America Great Again Nunyeah2 months ago

    And am I the only one who doesn't like Megan Fox?!

  104. Maddie Miller

    Maddie MillerMonth ago

    Yea she’s amazing

  105. Luke

    Luke2 months ago

    Overrated lol, I hated her in the TMNT movies, like it's a ninja turtle movie, not a strip show.

  106. Make America Great Again Nunyeah

    Make America Great Again Nunyeah2 months ago

    Can someone explain the pink

  107. Kidd Glokk

    Kidd Glokk2 months ago

    Bro Travis just like "Oh hey, Wassup!" XD

  108. BlindSide NZ

    BlindSide NZ2 months ago

    In my yed

  109. JF’s Music Box

    JF’s Music Box2 months ago

    Travis Barker: the most underrated member of Blink 182

  110. IncorporatedOps

    IncorporatedOps2 months ago

    This sounds even better on 1.25 Speed

  111. Lobo S

    Lobo S2 months ago

    Only when you experience ego death can you truly find yourself. Jesus christ it's true lmao

  112. Deewa Alkozai

    Deewa Alkozai2 months ago

    *runs while panting casually* *stops* Colson: “Hey Trav :D” Travis: “What up :D” *Starts completely destroying the drums*

  113. Iron Man

    Iron Man23 days ago


  114. Aditya Mathur

    Aditya Mathur2 months ago

    Travis Barker is such a cool dude no cap

  115. Darren Conley

    Darren Conley2 months ago

    MGK is working his ass off to bring this back. Trav will be definitely the guy to do it.