Machine Gun Kelly - concert for aliens (Official Music Video)

Machine Gun Kelly - concert for aliens is available now:

Concept Written by Mod Sun + Machine Gun Kelly

Director: Mod Sun
Creative Director: Jordan Wozy
Executive Producer: Danny Pollack
Production Company: Dreambear
Producer: Collin Druz
Director of Photography: Taylor Randall

Follow Machine Gun Kelly:

#MachineGunKelly #TravisBarker #ConcertForAliens
Music video by Machine Gun Kelly performing concert for aliens. © 2020 Bad Boy/Interscope Records


  1. D4rk Cherries

    D4rk Cherries5 hours ago

    Producers: "how many actors do you want in the vid?" MGK: "1"

  2. Ashley Nagel

    Ashley Nagel23 hours ago

    This video makes me giggle with glee, love the music and the bloopers at the end.

  3. Zachary Weston

    Zachary WestonDay ago

    0:48 is that a reference to Tom?

  4. RecKleXXs dude

    RecKleXXs dude2 days ago

    I thought that machine gun kelly's songs is not good,but now I change my opinion.😊

  5. Angela Bunch

    Angela Bunch2 days ago

    Machine gun Kelly i absolutely love ur music everyday i got it playing in the car all day long .... Man you in i should talk sometime u are singing about my life let me tell ya if u wrote these songs wild life huh i know because its my life in reverse bro !!!!!!!

  6. Aholik

    Aholik2 days ago

    Omg the sponser scene KILLED me

  7. Olivia

    Olivia2 days ago

    I hope Rook gets better soon, I miss him 😢

  8. Taebandz74

    Taebandz743 days ago

    Goo crazy world is over💪🏾🙏🏾😆🤯👽🤟🏾👌🏾

  9. Candid Vampire

    Candid Vampire4 days ago

    Where were you when I was scene 🤣🤣

  10. Pablo Lloyd

    Pablo Lloyd5 days ago

    this is hilarious

  11. krayo

    krayo6 days ago

    Never fails to put a smile on my face

  12. Anya

    Anya6 days ago

    God his eyes truly pop with the turqoise jumper


    PAWEL CIESLAK6 days ago

    he looks like xqc with that straight hair lmfaooo

  14. Lil Burger

    Lil Burger8 days ago

    Em dissed mgk so hard that mgk changed music genres

  15. Tr3xar

    Tr3xar7 days ago

    hes been wanting to change for ages

  16. Tr3xar

    Tr3xar7 days ago


  17. Augusta frog

    Augusta frog8 days ago

    Ngl thought I was watching a LazyTown musical. I love it

  18. Theo Viv

    Theo Viv8 days ago

    Could someone please make skirts as band merchandise.

  19. Moon Hyeun

    Moon Hyeun8 days ago

    I will buy a electric guitar And olay this at school I dintcare if my teachers will be mad

  20. XXDA Libi

    XXDA Libi9 days ago

    Underrated song. 👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽🤟🏾🤟🏾🤟🏾🤟🏾🤟🏾🤟🏾

  21. mariannaingegneri

    mariannaingegneri9 days ago

    this is a gift from heaven honestly

  22. makenzie

    makenzie10 days ago

    This soundtrack is full of raw emotion. I haven’t heard anything like this before and that’s just one part of what makes this soundtrack so good. To listen to some of his older songs and compare them to these, it really shows his growth and creativity. I really love how he’s bringing back the pop punk genre with this soundtrack. These lyrics are SO deep and meaningful, it’s hard to find that in this day in age. His determination is so inspiring as well. If I recall correctly, this is his fifth album. He has worked so unbelievably hard to get where he is now and it really shows. He’s just an inspiration on so many levels. He never gave up. He’s had so much happen to him in his life and he hasn’t let it stop him from achieving his dreams. Some of his songs really hit home. Every single song in this soundtrack just hits different. I go from head banging to wanting to cry because the lyrics are so deep and relatable. I’m just so grateful for this man. His music has helped me through so much. He’s the reason I started listening to pop punk again. I really hope he continues with this genre.

  23. It’s Sophia

    It’s Sophia13 days ago

    This vid shows his funny side. Anyone hoping for a Pete&Colson vid?

  24. Mike Pits

    Mike Pits13 days ago

    Toms attending the concert

  25. Squid Punt

    Squid Punt13 days ago

    I like this side of MGK, he's goofy asf and it's just so funny

  26. AMV Ninja

    AMV Ninja14 days ago

    This takes me back to the early 2000s summer. Just so ....nostalgic

  27. Dillion Tiedemann

    Dillion Tiedemann14 days ago


  28. Vinicius Garcia

    Vinicius Garcia15 days ago

    Tom DeLonge left a like in this video

  29. Charissa

    Charissa15 days ago

    I dyed my hair too and want to pierce my nose but AM GOING TO LAW SCHOOL!!!!!!

  30. Vero_vento alt account

    Vero_vento alt account15 days ago

    Pop punk will never diiieee \m/

  31. James Jones

    James Jones17 days ago

    The world is ending CRAB RAVE :D

  32. Alejandro Guerrero

    Alejandro Guerrero19 days ago

    Did mgk portrait tom delonge with the alien shit and the “emo” look?

  33. Amelia Tran

    Amelia Tran19 days ago

    The amount of times i've watched this and still confused on what is happening is getting unreal at this point

  34. cool person im cool

    cool person im cool19 days ago

    Twice Signal

  35. Sherri Spence

    Sherri Spence19 days ago


  36. Olivia KC

    Olivia KC20 days ago

    1.43 to 2.00 is honestly such a mood idek how to explain it but like this whole song is just fire

  37. Olivia KC

    Olivia KC20 days ago

    Honestly these songs help me in school since I've 0 friends.

  38. Lydia Acquah

    Lydia Acquah20 days ago

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  39. Gym leader Ethan

    Gym leader Ethan22 days ago

    He is right he s not a failure

  40. ヤマチン

    ヤマチン22 days ago

    nice machinegunkelly

  41. Jason Hancock

    Jason Hancock22 days ago

    My inner emo smiles when i hear this kind of music, please keep this going mgk. Its soo fucking good!!

  42. Brandon Sba1990

    Brandon Sba199023 days ago

    Em really did fuck his career up. Dude went from " the greatest rapper alive ima thug to Good Charlotte lmao

  43. Pain :

    Pain :10 days ago

    Just shut up

  44. Naman Sinha

    Naman Sinha14 days ago

    awww someones feelin jealous

  45. Der Dude

    Der Dude22 days ago

    @Brandon Sba1990 Its funny how an artist being capable of more than one genre confuses the shit out of some people. Love that. ya guys really making my day.

  46. Brandon Sba1990

    Brandon Sba199022 days ago

    @TofuCutie as a rapper i say he got his career cancelled turned into good Charlotte so technically speaking yes he did 💯😂😉

  47. TofuCutie

    TofuCutie22 days ago

    9.3 million views and over 7 million subs say otherwise 😉

  48. rodriguez chi

    rodriguez chi23 days ago


  49. rodriguez chi

    rodriguez chi23 days ago

    more artists like this pls

  50. Dylan

    Dylan23 days ago

    This song is more blink 182 than anything blink 182 has done in the last decade

  51. Levity Books

    Levity Books23 days ago

    This song is the closest blink 182 have made in over a decade, hope MGK keeps pop punk mainstream

  52. im black

    im black23 days ago


  53. Diego Casas

    Diego Casas23 days ago

    What's the shirt at 0:59?

  54. Steve seetahal

    Steve seetahal25 days ago

    Utube fighting u or u did this intentionally

  55. Steve seetahal

    Steve seetahal25 days ago

    Y is ur music lock to a region

  56. Jessi Minda

    Jessi Minda25 days ago

    YES get it Travis!!! Love this side of MGK

  57. Andrew Melody

    Andrew Melody25 days ago

    A fan of falling in reverse I see

  58. Harsh Mangal

    Harsh Mangal25 days ago

    0:12 Eminem; My name is

  59. Kerry Egan

    Kerry Egan26 days ago

    “I’m in too deep... I feel too much... I’m insecure... I fuck things up....” that is such a mood

  60. TofuCutie

    TofuCutie23 days ago

    SOML 😂😭😑🤓

  61. justin brew

    justin brew27 days ago

    Aliens are real

  62. Alice .ali.a

    Alice .ali.a27 days ago

    I can't even imagine how big that jacket must be..

  63. Holly

    Holly27 days ago

    This music video is great. I’m disappointed with the daywalker music video. It was quite lame. This video is amazing

  64. Againsthegrain X

    Againsthegrain X28 days ago

    So much passion in his music

  65. Preston T

    Preston T29 days ago

    MGK with a BANGER

  66. Tinatin Jividze

    Tinatin JividzeMonth ago

    I like this song😊👌

  67. Jessica Delowski

    Jessica DelowskiMonth ago

    I fckn love this!! But i wanna know whos the clown??

  68. Naman Sinha

    Naman Sinha28 days ago

    Austin Cain

  69. ahmo fdfd

    ahmo fdfdMonth ago


  70. Luis Alejandro Bolaños

    Luis Alejandro BolañosMonth ago

    Buena rola.

  71. Vithou Yhome

    Vithou YhomeMonth ago

    Mgk awsm

  72. Brent Schiano

    Brent SchianoMonth ago

    Some blink vibes here love it

  73. Karina Ribas

    Karina RibasMonth ago

    MGK and Travis Barker working together is fucking gold

  74. Devin Thurston

    Devin ThurstonMonth ago

    Only 6 months old and alteady 9.1 million views😮 damn i wonder what it feels like to be MGK....good on yuh m8!!!! Love this jam so much 💙💙💙

  75. Ethan Magnuson

    Ethan MagnusonMonth ago


  76. travis rauhuff

    travis rauhuffMonth ago

    Yes! Mgk has found his 35 and flashing back to younger years..kinda a blink 182 - plus 44- angle and airwaves kinda of vibe from early and mid 2000s..loove it all the stuff he dropped in the last 16 months..makes me feel 23 again

  77. ZKA channel

    ZKA channel6 days ago

    Me too

  78. Amine Hamdioui

    Amine HamdiouiMonth ago

    Hard b is collected of universe allien but is sorry world about music fact

  79. rodriguez chi

    rodriguez chiMonth ago

    this and aliens exist ❤️❤️

  80. Fiona gurpreet

    Fiona gurpreetMonth ago

    Its strange to see this is the same guy who made 'wild boy'

  81. Drake Hudson

    Drake HudsonMonth ago

    I hope you around till we old, we already lost too many greats too soon

  82. Daisy Price

    Daisy PriceMonth ago

    This song seems so comfortable for MGK, so happy for him! It seems to close to home, its depressing and relieving at the same time, takes me back. 1996-1991 babies!

  83. Cam_Hockey33

    Cam_Hockey33Month ago

    This is actually one of the best songs I’ve ever heard

  84. micaelasebaton

    micaelasebatonMonth ago

    Aw I miss pop punk. Nobody sings this style anymore so it’s nice to hear. Reminds me of my teenage years

  85. Melissa Whitt

    Melissa WhittMonth ago


  86. the nightmare

    the nightmareMonth ago

    Save our souls

  87. Emmy Maguire

    Emmy MaguireMonth ago

    Aliens flying by earth: what’s that music? Aliens see the sign for the concert Aliens: let’s gooooooooo😏

  88. Iain Johnston

    Iain JohnstonMonth ago

    So awesome this is the blink 182 i miss man thank you travis barker and mgk for keeping it alive

  89. ChampKmaq

    ChampKmaqMonth ago

    is this a rip on slim shady where he was a game show host :D

  90. lets play titanic, by michael clifford.

    lets play titanic, by michael clifford.Month ago

    the dude honestly has saved my life wth his music. im 14 and have anxiety and have self harmed (almost a month clean). before i found him i was in a really dark place and was planing to commit now im not the best but a hella lot better than what i was. so thanks kells. i owe u my life. u saved me.

  91. Multi Stan

    Multi StanMonth ago

    Look at mgk going around and rocking every genre. I'm really proud of him.

  92. Devin Thurston

    Devin ThurstonMonth ago

    This is so good it brings me back to my childhood days when i was all punk with blink 182. Sum41. Those times were gold. Nostalgia at the best of times when were all down and out from quarantine. Thank you MGK!💙

  93. Emma Jamieson

    Emma JamiesonMonth ago

    i love this song but i hate alions

  94. ʜᴇɴʟᴏ ɪ'ᴍ ꜱᴇʏᴏᴜɴɢ

    ʜᴇɴʟᴏ ɪ'ᴍ ꜱᴇʏᴏᴜɴɢMonth ago


  95. Devin Thurston

    Devin ThurstonMonth ago

    Second best song 💪👌🤓

  96. Anthony Robertson

    Anthony RobertsonMonth ago

    1999: Blink 182 - Aliens exist 2020: MGK and Travis - Concert for aliens!

  97. abrham nigusse

    abrham nigusseMonth ago

    this song gives me early 2000s vibes I love it

  98. Cosmic Morningstar

    Cosmic MorningstarMonth ago

    Also, just a note, he's the musician, the business man, and the alien. I've never felt so connected to how someone feels, ever, period.

  99. Cosmic Morningstar

    Cosmic MorningstarMonth ago

    Fuck I just want to die honestly.

  100. Cosmic Morningstar

    Cosmic MorningstarMonth ago

    Oh man MOD SUN is in this, and I'm sobbing I didn't know earlier.

  101. Jan Sobczyński

    Jan SobczyńskiMonth ago

    2:53 Seamen: Col Lead Singer: Col Travis Barker: Travis Barker Hotel: Trivago

  102. Steven Douglass

    Steven DouglassMonth ago

    One of my favorite music videos

  103. ًRachel ًGardner

    ًRachel ًGardnerMonth ago

    I kinda hope this is his new style and not temporary because I personally like this a lot more than his rapping

  104. Maverick

    MaverickMonth ago

    Em made this man leave hip hop yes.

  105. Naman Sinha

    Naman Sinha28 days ago

    He still doesn't he rap stuff but he always was into pop punk

  106. Chris Prolls

    Chris ProllsMonth ago

    pop punk >> rap.

  107. TheBartender

    TheBartenderMonth ago

    the dude at the begining looks like a cross between xqc and ace ventura

  108. your weird

    your weirdMonth ago

    anyone else stand up anf pretend your playing with a guitar singing to this? no just me?

  109. Journey With Logan

    Journey With LoganMonth ago

    Metal vocals next?😎

  110. Ako

    Ako27 days ago

    actually yes, he made a trap metal song recently

  111. James Hughes

    James HughesMonth ago

    I truly believe he will be a rap goat but I can't deny looks happy

  112. Nick Rohe

    Nick RoheMonth ago

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  113. AlienWithoutUFO

    AlienWithoutUFOMonth ago

    That's the greatest music video I've ever seen!