Machine Gun Kelly - 27 (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Machine Gun Kelly performing 27. © 2018 Bad Boy/Interscope Records


  1. Bob Walter

    Bob WalterHour ago

    This song makes me miss all my old homies I had to cut off to better myself.. just miss being a kid again

  2. J Lalremkima

    J Lalremkima4 hours ago

    You shoud sing instead of rap,i love this song

  3. kelly

    kelly13 hours ago

    U was always my idol love u kelly

  4. Allisyn Parker

    Allisyn Parker17 hours ago

    This man has gotten me through so much ❤️

  5. Goerge Green

    Goerge Green22 hours ago

    the only reason i listen to him is my mom playing his music all the time when i was younger and he is a absolute legend

  6. Chang Bao

    Chang BaoDay ago

    Real feelings from pass dealings... da hit home

  7. Danny Woning

    Danny Woning2 days ago

    Best song of mgk ❤️♥️❤️♥️ love to you man

  8. Beer & Dividends

    Beer & Dividends2 days ago

    The GOAT!🔥🔥🔥

  9. Mr. X

    Mr. X2 days ago

    3:30 RIP CHESTER

  10. Mommyof2Aliens

    Mommyof2Aliens3 days ago

    Just turned 27 March 30th even though this song is a little old your a fucking king 🤘🏼❤️

  11. Der Dude

    Der Dude2 days ago

    Hope you had a great birthday homie 🤘

  12. TECHnical Era

    TECHnical Era3 days ago

    Rest in Power Chester

  13. Michaela XX

    Michaela XX3 days ago

    Today’s my 27th! 🖤

  14. Louise Morgan

    Louise Morgan3 days ago

    These comments are really depressing but... My favourite number is 27 so i clicked this vid

  15. Siya Tembe

    Siya Tembe4 days ago

    If you are reading this just know you are not dead yet, value life!

  16. GoldLight

    GoldLight4 days ago

    This song gives me so many chills every time. It really hits me hard because my dad died when he was 27. He's been gone for 11 years and I'm about to turn 18. This song has helped me through hard times and never gets old.

  17. Abbas Merchant

    Abbas Merchant4 days ago

    iconic song form MGK . the best ever he made him to become his fan

  18. Pedro Luiz Martins

    Pedro Luiz Martins5 days ago

    Perererererereinreunnn pererererererereunreunuuunnn weeeeelreunreunreun

  19. G G

    G G5 days ago

    You are my inspiration mAnnn🥰🥰

  20. Robin Pertin

    Robin Pertin6 days ago

    legend..... love you mgk....

  21. Bishal Chhetri

    Bishal Chhetri6 days ago

    Love from Nepal 💞💞

  22. Atur Ke ap

    Atur Ke ap6 days ago

    Don no. 1

  23. Elizabeth Baron

    Elizabeth Baron6 days ago

    Love of me life died at 27 from heroin overdose. I was 22 and ima turn 27 in July. Twin flame. I joked to him when alive “please don’t join the 27 club” and then after he died I saw a psychic medium and they said “he says he is in the 27 club” (all I showed him was a picture of him) and “why do I keep getting Kurt Cobain?” I told him how we both loved nirvana and Kurt Cobain together, and he said that me Chris is friends with Kurt now in heaven and he says that he is awesome. 😭☯️🙏 love is infinite and transcends death. The reason a lot of people die at 27 from overdoses is because astrologically we all go through a Saturn return when we are 27, where the choices we make can create big shifts and/or consequences

  24. Dipesh Timalsina

    Dipesh Timalsina7 days ago

    about legends who died at 27 such a great song machine gun Kelly salute👍🖤

  25. daniel nelson

    daniel nelson7 days ago

    If it wasn't for his music and being able to relate to what he raps about with everyday struggles I think I would be lost

  26. Scarlett Smile

    Scarlett Smile7 days ago

    Man looking at this, and knowing how far he's made it since then....this guy truly is a legend. I wish I could be friends with him

  27. jaden coombs

    jaden coombs7 days ago

    If this comment gets likes then that's proof that people come here everyday.

  28. Kari Ann

    Kari Ann7 days ago

    Oh wait....this is about all the ppl who died at 27 huh? And now he opened a coffee house in the same name. Nice.

  29. Kari Ann

    Kari Ann7 days ago

    A lot of his songs reflect him leaving this world. I sure hope he isn't planning on exiting early at his own doing. This scares me.

  30. Atit Saud

    Atit Saud7 days ago


  31. downwharmony

    downwharmony8 days ago

    DownWHarmony here again..just had my concert earlier! Like stars we reflect each other. After all a star is only a star until someone sees it SHINING 🌟🌟🌟

  32. downwharmony

    downwharmony8 days ago


  33. superlane 81

    superlane 818 days ago

    Ur a legend kells

  34. James Burton

    James Burton8 days ago

    I turned 27 March 7th and the one year anniversary of my best friend Jamie Paul passing away from diabetes was March 6th,2020 at 25. I heard the news that same night out of the blue and that was the first time my world got shaken down to my core.

  35. J SHADOW

    J SHADOW9 days ago

    Ive nearly made it turn 28 in may 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘 ALOT of my friends haven't made it.

  36. Barry McCockener

    Barry McCockener9 days ago

    27 and on the verge of dying unfortunately this song gives me peace

  37. daisy hutchings

    daisy hutchings9 days ago

    God bless you kelly

  38. Alec

    Alec10 days ago

    RIP MGK.. So sad

  39. Der Dude

    Der Dude2 days ago

    Yo mate he ain't dead

  40. Ryder Daniels

    Ryder Daniels10 days ago

    Idk how much longer I can hide how I really feel...I'm 32 with 2 kids and married with it on the rocks all I think about is suicide 24/7 but when I listen to mgk it prolongs me from going throu it I been listening to him for awhile but I feel like imma crash soon...people act like they care around me but I seen the disappointment and disgust in there eyes...words don't mean anything actions do I'm alone in this cold world

  41. Jules Verne

    Jules Verne10 days ago

    I disrecredited this man when rap devil was dropped but re visiting his discography was refreshing to find original deeep songs like this weve proves this man wasnt just another mumble rapper. Cheers!

  42. ttvvoltgaming

    ttvvoltgaming10 days ago

    Mgk is just a amazing song writer and singer so mgk keep on doing what your doing and make more amazing music

  43. Nicole Riley

    Nicole Riley10 days ago

    His music gets me thru the day

  44. Nicole Riley

    Nicole Riley10 days ago

    Yes u can honestly say that u will die a FUCKIN LEGEND WITHOUT A FUCKIN DOUBT IN MY MIND

  45. Patsuriku

    Patsuriku10 days ago

    fuck. someday i hope i can give u a beer n a blunt. sit down at a bar n just talk. thats my dream. i would die for that. damn.. im still pissed at sweden for acting like asholes at u. this is another account thn my main one thou. just notices. Keep it up bro. ur songs make me think the way i do.


    LUCK-E RAWAT10 days ago

    3:31 R.I.P. Chester Bennington 🎸

  47. D K

    D K10 days ago

    I love this man!! Your music is amazing

  48. TDYxPaká

    TDYxPaká11 days ago

    I swear I will drive my amazing bike or car when I’m 27 while playing this at max and then with a deep breath I will finally accomplish my goal in my life😎🚀 working on it right now, 27 bloom!

  49. TheBennett79

    TheBennett7911 days ago

    Is this title a reference to the 27 club?

  50. Gibby

    Gibby11 days ago

    AT 2:09 that guy had to have been logic

  51. toopac showcore

    toopac showcore11 days ago



    OCEAN ANGEL12 days ago

    M G K x💯 🤘

  53. Lisa Mae

    Lisa Mae12 days ago

    Very strong and talented young man!

  54. Firuj Laskar

    Firuj Laskar12 days ago

    Your a life saver maynn

  55. Amanda Sapuan

    Amanda Sapuan13 days ago

    My baby sister lived this song and tried so many times to make me lister but I wasn’t tryna hear it. She died alone in ICU last December because COVID bullshit, she was 28. Shit rips my whole heart and soul to pieces I ball my fucking eyes out every time

  56. Mallory Molnar

    Mallory Molnar13 days ago

    i listen to this song every morning.... somedays it lets out a good cry that i needed. somedays its motivation. either way i love this song. so powerful.

  57. Matt Pongracic

    Matt Pongracic13 days ago

    One of the first I discovered of his, since then been all the way to Tickets to my Downfall then went back past to go all the way to Wild Boy, visited Rap Devil again and stayed a while, now this sounds even better. This man is a legend.

  58. joanne brewis

    joanne brewis13 days ago

    No one ever stops listening the lyrics are wicked n the beat love it

  59. zakarya boukoucha

    zakarya boukoucha13 days ago


  60. ZO6 Dylan

    ZO6 Dylan13 days ago

    Ashamed this never blew up..

  61. Sig Lewis

    Sig Lewis14 days ago

    He's a real beauitful human

  62. Sig Lewis

    Sig Lewis14 days ago


  63. NoBrimNoYankee

    NoBrimNoYankee14 days ago

    This is so good

  64. Adrianna Gately

    Adrianna Gately14 days ago

    Best video ever


    RAA ZES YAMA OFFICIAL14 days ago

    2021 still here love From Nepal 🇳🇵❤️

  66. Megan Biven

    Megan Biven15 days ago

    Stuck on 27

  67. Daniel Staub Sr.

    Daniel Staub Sr.15 days ago

    my best friend n i have been listening to u since we jumped off the porch together he just was murdered by a paranoid skitzofrenic while he was on his way home, he was 27, n this song reminds me of him so much, kellz if u see this his momma is heart broken n he was an even bigger fan than i was went to every mgk fest please respond if u got the time, but i wanna ty anyways for everything ur music has done for us whether the parties from wild boy to todays new remix of whats poppin i ty

  68. MFR Gaming

    MFR Gaming15 days ago

    To me..... the most motivational song he has.... and they all are motivational. Gives me chills.

  69. Zacharia Turner

    Zacharia Turner16 days ago

    The reason he made this song is because the music and hollywood industry kills off certain people for a sacrifice at 27 look it up. Its called the 27 club.


    LIL KIKON16 days ago

    MAN THIS SONG IS 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  71. MLPJBJ Formerly Reaper

    MLPJBJ Formerly Reaper16 days ago


  72. idg isaiah

    idg isaiah16 days ago

    Yo kells im 20 it has been a long journey from age 9 to now i almost died ive been diagnosed with autism u help me everyday bro ESTIS4LIFE i cant wait to get the xx tattoo thank u btw im a hardcore EST.19XX member🖤🖤🖤

  73. Mxnu Qly

    Mxnu Qly16 days ago

    ESTXX 4 LIFE ❤️❤️

  74. Joey Arena

    Joey Arena17 days ago

    Rise up an i salute but fr tell the devil same cause Christ even says no deal till you on your final days just cause chattaruger got hot, blame me like we blame 3 and see how it goes navy seals even been listening to me so these riots dont go UNKNOWN like fr japan tried to make a final blow but America said hell no they dont wanna go toe to toe, now they on mars getting eaten like my favorite woman's troll Free my dawg as well cause now Plutos back like a last straight fact i spit straight 210000 astec crack and i already know aint shit got my back! R&R before you ever reconize tge corrupt agendas definition of black,

  75. Joey Arena

    Joey Arena17 days ago

    I even have faith that he already knows i stole 12s chain 4 my dawg that had to go down that road ill never fold, still batmayne brave and the bo till 80 days and months are possible ill 4 ever ride these streets of Gold go ahead steal my lyrics cause i ik china watching anyways fuck em all the final blow

  76. Joey Arena

    Joey Arena17 days ago

    Highway 27 rhea county highway and ain't no staying less ima be gay bout it with my gender with my race and with my cousin brothere, Cause ain't no kings or queens and it's still 50 cause all Americans 💯 100 100

  77. James Zote

    James Zote17 days ago

    2021 and it's still my life in a short lyrics ❤️

  78. Malachi Emelio

    Malachi Emelio17 days ago

    I'm 14 and usually I just did the pain with getting high and partying but that dont fix the pain forever, all good things come to an end but mgk makes songs we can relate to and grow off of

  79. Izzy Martinez

    Izzy Martinez17 days ago

    My dad showed me this. He met this girl. Ended up crazy as fuck. She stalked. She harassed. She’d show up at our house at midnight just to terrorize. Shed call the cops everytime she got her feelings hurt. My dad eventually left. With her. To her. Ditched me. (I’m always good, no pity) and he got back into fentanyl. He’s in jail now for a setup. I knew the guys who set him up. They had a case and they needed someone to pin. I knew my dad felt this way, and to whoever is still reading this and made it this far into my bullshit, thank you, because my dad is and was my best friend. He saved my life. I self harm. I’m depressed. I’m bipolar. I have BPD. Social anxiety and anxiety. He was my rock. I just want to hug him. He’s incarcerated right now. He’s a great person. He’s changed so many lives in a positive way. He shows me love and compassion. He’s such a great man who got bored. I love you all. Be kind. Love one another.

  80. terri downsdale

    terri downsdale17 days ago

    I xho

  81. terri downsdale

    terri downsdale17 days ago

    Shout out tu yu.... I like my pinkerprint pants and dress tee

  82. Stay Lit

    Stay Lit17 days ago

    Fuck his songs it u so hard

  83. Kelly White

    Kelly White17 days ago

    This song still brings me to tears 😢😭 luv it 💓

  84. Sarah Sawyer

    Sarah Sawyer17 days ago

    Absolutely love this song.... We all should be living r dreams.. Or anything least working on them becoming R reality.. so always aim high and believe in yourself...

  85. Michael Pittner

    Michael Pittner17 days ago

    Colson, you truly help me thru life! Thank you

  86. Ryan Bolkini

    Ryan Bolkini18 days ago

    This song makes me nostalgic about my childhood growing up in a small city and how things were much more simple compared to now . Back then I was surrounded by many friends , had a decent social life , liked school since I actually fit in , and lastly there weren't much family issues . Nowadays it's just the opposite specially since leaving . I don't have any of what I had but I try to count my blessings such as good health and being financially stable during these rough times around the world . God is good .

  87. Jace Lacey

    Jace Lacey18 days ago

    I never knew about this song until my older brother died. He was 28 and died in his room when he lived with me, he had USloft on his TV and I went through it and found this song.. now I can’t stop listening to it listening to him RIP Chris 03/08/2021 💔

  88. Elizabeth Baron

    Elizabeth Baron6 days ago

    Omg I’m so sorry for your loss. My twin flame (the absolute love of my life) was also named Chris! He died at 27 from a heroin overdose 😭 when he was alive I joked to him “please don’t join the 27 club” after he died I went to see a psychic medium and all I showed him was a photo of Chris. He said “He says he is in the 27 club” I knew that was a confirmation it was truly him! Then the medium said, “Why do I keep getting Kurt Cobain and Nirvana?” I told him how Chris and I both loved Kurt & Nirvana together. He then said, “Chris says he is friends with Kurt in heaven and that he is awesome” 😊☯️🤍🛹🙏 it makes me so happy to know that, and to know he still loves me more and more everyday the medium said. Your Chris will always be your guardian Angel, I promise if you haven’t already noticed- he leaves you signs and visits you on every birthday and more. I promise love is infinite and transcends death, you’ll always get to see him again, after you live a long life you will reunite in Heaven. 🤍

  89. Ariel Frumer

    Ariel Frumer15 days ago

    I'm sorry for your loss

  90. I Love Matt McGuire

    I Love Matt McGuire18 days ago

    Keep the vibe alive forever

  91. Ninja Boy

    Ninja Boy18 days ago

    When I am older I am going to be like you and I am your biggest fan

  92. kxng_c6 Beats

    kxng_c6 Beats19 days ago

    Wonderful song!! 💙🔥

  93. Samantha Kirchner

    Samantha Kirchner19 days ago

    Thanks u kells.. 2 years clean today because this song... #27ForLife

  94. Yash kumar arya

    Yash kumar arya19 days ago

    Wow wow wow wow this song feel different .

  95. Raehanna Gray

    Raehanna Gray19 days ago

    Pls tell me I’m not the only one that cry’s everytime I listen to this💔🥺😭💖.....LOVE YOU KELLS❤️

  96. Frida Lång

    Frida Lång2 days ago

    Same, crying until I can't breathe

  97. Danyal Smith

    Danyal Smith19 days ago

    My next birthday ill be 27 I will make this year last forever in my dreams I m Taurus as well 42494

  98. Debaxhish

    Debaxhish19 days ago

    man why do i cry everytime i watch this😭

  99. Mickey Shepard

    Mickey Shepard19 days ago

    Mgk took shot from em but doesn’t change the fact he’s MGK

  100. Alec Pawlak

    Alec Pawlak19 days ago


  101. Jordan Hanson

    Jordan Hanson19 days ago

    I'm glad I made to to 27 and I'll always keep it rolling

  102. Legend Gorkha

    Legend Gorkha19 days ago

    This song makes you fell good , even how much broke you are!!!🇳🇵

  103. Derek Carlton Anderson

    Derek Carlton Anderson19 days ago

    Lost my Uncle and my Grandpa same month and this song hitting a bit different after that. Tears in my eyes right now I can honestly say God is good. Pressure might be on but I’m gonna be great.


    WOLFOX GAMING20 days ago

    Even though you are 27 or 28 always love your mom and dad ...

  105. Tomy Anthony

    Tomy Anthony20 days ago

    LV U MGK! 🖤🌹🔥