My Ex’s Best Friend/Bloody Valentine (Live At The MTV VMAs/2020)

Machine Gun Kelly ft. Blackbear - My Ex's Best Friend is available now:
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  1. uma maheswari

    uma maheswari3 hours ago

    The drumer so eyes looks the drumer

  2. Ander Dahms

    Ander Dahms17 hours ago

    i wish i could meet u

  3. Seven 7

    Seven 719 hours ago

    under rated much? like damn he great.

  4. CMSfun

    CMSfun22 hours ago

    i love this song

  5. jayden kuster

    jayden kusterDay ago

    travis barker is the best drummer ever

  6. Mobina Harooni

    Mobina Harooni2 days ago

    Ilove you 💜🌊

  7. John Zurcher

    John Zurcher2 days ago

    Wait why he sound different

  8. Tiffany Durr

    Tiffany Durr2 days ago

  9. JP

    JP5 days ago

    The best music is BACK!

  10. Joe Samuelson

    Joe Samuelson5 days ago

    Nice makeup

  11. workout clips

    workout clips5 days ago

    Fuck Rap. We roll old school

  12. Ethan

    Ethan5 days ago

    Tickets to my downfall is god tier and by far his best album 🔥🔥🔥

  13. Zombiecpj

    Zombiecpj6 days ago

    does anybody know what the sweater he’s wearing is during MEBF? it looks really cool

  14. Abdullah Asif

    Abdullah Asif7 days ago

    Idk why but I’ve started loving MGK

  15. The Motorsport Archives

    The Motorsport Archives7 days ago

    ive been listening to travis baker since I was a kid and he still fascinates me

  16. Wombolean Tribe Leader

    Wombolean Tribe Leader7 days ago

    not good song thumbs down!

  17. O K

    O K8 days ago

    Don’t want me going back

  18. Ry and the Guys

    Ry and the Guys10 days ago

    tickets will keep punk up there. also where can i get that sweater its hotttttt

  19. Jakub Hamšík

    Jakub Hamšík11 days ago

    What kind of sweater is that?

  20. Carly Kaye

    Carly Kaye10 days ago

    A shirt

  21. archiebusteryt xxx

    archiebusteryt xxx11 days ago

    In my heart I love music

  22. Stxrlivia Builds

    Stxrlivia Builds12 days ago

    Blackbear looks 18 and looks a bit like emimem...

  23. 박정민

    박정민13 days ago


  24. Owen Jacobe

    Owen Jacobe13 days ago

    How are you to day and good buy and buybuy

  25. Samantha L. Crutchfield

    Samantha L. Crutchfield13 days ago

    Crows everywhere at my house. Wow.

  26. Samantha L. Crutchfield

    Samantha L. Crutchfield13 days ago

    Love listening to this outside!🎯👁🔥

  27. Joel Sletten

    Joel Sletten14 days ago

    This is wayy better than the studio version

  28. t-an

    t-an14 days ago

    travis is such a beast

  29. Michelle VanDeWalle

    Michelle VanDeWalle15 days ago

    I swear to God I saw Mgk's sweater at DEB back in the day.

  30. Camilah Hernandez

    Camilah Hernandez15 days ago

    omg they sing amazing live

  31. 코로나 바이러스

    코로나 바이러스16 days ago

    Your the best i ever met

  32. Joshua Dalton

    Joshua Dalton16 days ago


  33. 08 Ken Soravit Watchara-Amnouy

    08 Ken Soravit Watchara-Amnouy17 days ago

    The reason I listened to this song because there is Blackbear in here

  34. Patrick Barrera

    Patrick Barrera17 days ago

    Sooooooo proud of mgk

  35. Tom Behnke

    Tom Behnke17 days ago

    What a couple of banger songs... Good work, dude!

  36. みや。

    みや。19 days ago

    I almost fallen in love MGK but I'm sorry. I was killed by Blackbear smiling 😍 1:42

  37. Olivia R.M. Ward

    Olivia R.M. Ward19 days ago

    Was he saying in my yead... hmm my blink 182 people

  38. Liv Rose

    Liv Rose20 days ago


  39. Ebenizer Bonotan

    Ebenizer Bonotan20 days ago

    ILike his new Music . Hehe Not his Rich kid attitude So CrinGe too. haha. But his Music is So Good to Hear it in My Mp3.


    THE TRACKCAR20 days ago

    I used to not like MGK...because of the whole Eminem feud...but now, my mind has since changed. Keep making Great music.


    THE TRACKCAR20 days ago

    Blackbear is pretty cool.

  42. underkava

    underkava20 days ago

    It looks like he is shaking at the beginning of the video :o

  43. Marcelo Morais

    Marcelo Morais21 day ago

    I love this man

  44. anakin Skywalker

    anakin Skywalker22 days ago

    What shoed are blackbear?

  45. Sammie Weddle

    Sammie Weddle23 days ago

    whats up

  46. Jessica Long

    Jessica Long23 days ago


  47. Nick McIlveen

    Nick McIlveen23 days ago


  48. im black

    im black23 days ago


  49. Joshua Purdin

    Joshua Purdin23 days ago

    True dat

  50. Gary Hutsenpiller

    Gary Hutsenpiller24 days ago

    And agree with high school song

  51. Gary Hutsenpiller

    Gary Hutsenpiller24 days ago

    He also looks like he is 18 love you machine gun Kelly 🖤🖤🖤

  52. Gary Hutsenpiller

    Gary Hutsenpiller24 days ago

    I LOVE my ex’s best friend🥰🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍

  53. Minecraft Nerd

    Minecraft Nerd25 days ago


  54. Grandaddynate

    Grandaddynate25 days ago


  55. Andithemago

    Andithemago27 days ago

    is it me or blackbear is a bit cringy? like mgk acts and gives off a cool vibe, but its like blackbear is posing and he doesnt quite get it right hahahah. i dunno, its my opinion. i find him cringy

  56. Jessica R.

    Jessica R.27 days ago

    so talented....his voice is so intense.....i love you mgk...true love...

  57. Jordan Dentino

    Jordan Dentino27 days ago

    this is the only thing I will ever think about ever again I don't now what to do with myself help me -caylie

  58. Debbie Duncan

    Debbie Duncan27 days ago

    We love you so much

  59. Rosanna Burzio

    Rosanna Burzio27 days ago


  60. Cheryl Herriman

    Cheryl Herriman27 days ago

    I was born February 14th and I love the song Bloody Valentine. Excellent musician!

  61. Sophie James

    Sophie James28 days ago

    Is that philly

  62. Sophie James

    Sophie James28 days ago

    Auto tune😜

  63. Chris Z

    Chris Z28 days ago

    This is a well produced High School song.

  64. RoddZ4

    RoddZ429 days ago

    Travis such a beast

  65. Daniel conway

    Daniel conwayMonth ago

    I would just sat he is so skilled that 80 percent Of what he puts out is I 100 percent of what we all want to hear

  66. Daniel conway

    Daniel conwayMonth ago

    Its hard when your fighting for his great skills as to be a musician and it doesn't matter that much to him because he knows his beauty

  67. Gigi

    GigiMonth ago


  68. Rajan Brown

    Rajan BrownMonth ago

    Big fan...❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️my from Napal....🙏🙏🙏🙏

  69. LolChris

    LolChrisMonth ago

    black-bear looked like Hunter Thompson there.

  70. 冯俊晖

    冯俊晖Month ago


  71. JR gameplay and More

    JR gameplay and MoreMonth ago


  72. Raidynn

    RaidynnMonth ago

    If you ever need screaming back up vocals hit me up

  73. Isaac Surong

    Isaac SurongMonth ago

    I wanna see eminem try doing some pop punk

  74. James Dominique

    James DominiqueMonth ago


  75. Heather Sherman

    Heather ShermanMonth ago

    He's good as hell live.

  76. The rapper editor Kid

    The rapper editor KidMonth ago

    Mgk is he,best man he is so cool

  77. Mxxn Star

    Mxxn StarMonth ago

    Istg, I be seeing all these comments like "Omg Eminem beat him" and shit like that. Someone, tell me how this is bad? Hm?

  78. BlakJjags06

    BlakJjags06Month ago

    Blackbear coming in like the end credits of a marvel movie is the greatest thing

  79. Austin McWilliams

    Austin McWilliamsMonth ago

    Rip that auto tune on bloody valentine

  80. Kyrmenskhem Lyngdoh

    Kyrmenskhem LyngdohMonth ago

    is it me or there r no line ins for every instrument

  81. RLASplayz09

    RLASplayz09Month ago

    They are inside among us character

  82. Kim Verschueren

    Kim VerschuerenMonth ago

    Love it 🖤

  83. Vince B

    Vince BMonth ago

    Awesome duo on this song.

  84. Quelen Champlin

    Quelen ChamplinMonth ago

    He’s a true rockstar not emo at all

  85. Tiffany Ream

    Tiffany ReamMonth ago

    I love this song

  86. Frankie Settles

    Frankie SettlesMonth ago

    My best friend took my ex when I gave him a place to live

  87. Greg Greenhaw

    Greg GreenhawMonth ago

    I love mgk

  88. William Lee

    William LeeMonth ago

    I Love your videos machine gun Kelly

  89. soul gameryt

    soul gamerytMonth ago

    Love you MGK 😇☺🥰

  90. Luis Esquivel

    Luis EsquivelMonth ago

    What is doing iann dior playing drums

  91. Maria Ortiz

    Maria OrtizMonth ago

    Nobody Not even black bear And every one talking about Travis and other Me: what about draft punk

  92. Adlopez

    AdlopezMonth ago


  93. Tamilta rocks candle box!!!!

    Tamilta rocks candle box!!!!Month ago

    He is extremely handsome

  94. Emma Walters

    Emma WaltersMonth ago

    mgk i am fan

  95. nep elif

    nep elifMonth ago

    Only true fans saw the original video

  96. ประครอง ภูปานทอง

    ประครอง ภูปานทองMonth ago

    I Love you ดาราคุณวุ้นเส้นค่ะ

  97. Aaron Marschner

    Aaron MarschnerMonth ago

    I heard this song in Vallarta :)

  98. 久遠

    久遠Month ago


  99. 阿鲁巴吧

    阿鲁巴吧Month ago


  100. decanted

    decantedMonth ago

    Thats probably one of the coolest music videos I've ever seen.

  101. Dakota Venn keane

    Dakota Venn keaneMonth ago

    If anybody has time to check my songs and covers out I'd appreciate it thxxx

  102. Malgorzata Sroka

    Malgorzata SrokaMonth ago

    my fav song