Machine Gun Kelly - lonely (Live From Saturday Night Live/2021)

Machine Gun Kelly performing lonely on Saturday Night Live.

Machine Gun Kelly - Tickets To My Downfall is available now!

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  1. Musical maniac

    Musical maniac8 hours ago

    This man is a magician and his instruments are is wands

  2. Sarah Bell

    Sarah Bell18 hours ago

    Your awesome love ya

  3. Mh2na

    Mh2naDay ago

  4. Jenny Delise

    Jenny DeliseDay ago

    Ooh I just watched this, and just, WOW! MGK is seriously becoming someone I listen to every day, I loved a lot of his old songs, but these new ones, WHEW! They are taking me away!

  5. V Mackie

    V MackieDay ago


  6. Mathieu Sly

    Mathieu Sly2 days ago

    Yo homie I appreciate the genre switch it’s cool but never forget your roots and what made you big in the first place, I wanna see that Mgk that made alpha omega once in a while yk, don’t leave your old fans behind bc your on another style I’ve been listening to your music for years an I listen to your songs just for the simple fact I love the way you express everything but remember not all of us on this emo wave with you, an I ain’t tellin you how to make music bc if I could I’d be famous to I’m just lyk what I think an the people around me an I’m gonna guess a few other people to. But keep up the good work bro an stay safe

  7. Phoenixangel 1111

    Phoenixangel 11112 days ago

    I miss you kells and love you. Love, Lyndie🕊️🔥❤️💓🙏🎶👟👟👆👆💪🎸🎹🎙️🎻🎼🎵🎶🥁😢💓💛💜💚💙💖💕💓💞😍💙🏴🏴

  8. mister e

    mister e3 days ago


  9. Etika Ribss

    Etika Ribss3 days ago

    Love you 😍

  10. K,K M Tuccu

    K,K M Tuccu3 days ago

    Hi mgk

  11. Deshaun Allison

    Deshaun Allison3 days ago

    I don't understand how people try so hard to hate on this dude

  12. S A

    S A3 days ago

    When eminem fires shots so hard that they turn you into a pop singer

  13. chad kronenberger

    chad kronenberger4 days ago

    Mgk is the best artist of our generation. I'm from Cleveland. This man is so multi talented it's stupid

  14. Candice

    Candice4 days ago

    I just want to hold you and make it all better xxxx

  15. Amelya DeWitt

    Amelya DeWitt4 days ago

    I love you

  16. Rod Munch

    Rod Munch5 days ago

    I remember being in a strip club ten years ago, talking to a dancer who was telling me that her next tattoo was going to be a quote from Machine Gun Kelly, I started laughing and said “isn’t he a white rapper from Cleveland???”... and now he’s finally a mainstream hit maker.

  17. faith

    faith7 days ago

    this performance makes me cry everytime. the power and emotion in his voice. i cant even imagine what hes had to go through.

  18. Melissa Laurie

    Melissa Laurie8 days ago

    Now that is what music is about ( raw emotion ) I am crying and I have my own interpretation and feelings but to the core it’s about the pain wanting to scream out to god!!!!! I feel every single raw emotion pouring out of his heart.... thank you Kells

  19. katie thibeault

    katie thibeault9 days ago

    my dads currently in the hospital in critical condition so this song is really hitting home for me , love your music!

  20. JJ BRO

    JJ BRO9 days ago

    i feel like this sometimes

  21. MatteRyd

    MatteRyd9 days ago

    Sounds like the audio goes low when it hits a certain volume, annoying... Is there a version of this where nobody fked up the audio in post?

  22. stan the man

    stan the man10 days ago

    I've lost count of how many times I've watched this

  23. John Robinson

    John Robinson10 days ago

    Heard MGK for the first time a couple weeks ago. Gotta say, I'm borderline obsessed! Love everything I've heard so far!

  24. Hruaia Fanai

    Hruaia Fanai10 days ago

    Omg his voice is Soo good and his voice sounds like a metalic singer voice

  25. Renapure Harshwardhan X H

    Renapure Harshwardhan X H10 days ago

    I would rather prefer his Live singing than recorded songs . It shows his real pain in voice.

  26. KentState03

    KentState0310 days ago

    Super talented.

  27. KngknnY

    KngknnY11 days ago

    Him fighting tears the whole performance hurts

  28. nExow53

    nExow5311 days ago

    didn't noticed that was John Krasinski at the begining

  29. Baden Claassens

    Baden Claassens12 days ago

    this is fricken awesome by the way you are nailing it

  30. Baden Claassens

    Baden Claassens12 days ago

    do a song about the passing of mac miller and the pressure of the industry

  31. danielle Abcd

    danielle Abcd12 days ago

    SNL shows his true Emotions! Xoxo

  32. museec extro Donaire

    museec extro Donaire12 days ago

    Havent heard one thing from him i cant fall in 😘 love everytime


    DASNOOZE12 days ago


  34. Pedro Posada

    Pedro Posada13 days ago


  35. Megan Daniels

    Megan Daniels14 days ago

    I would give it all to, everything in my power to have my brother. I promise I'll find out the truth bub. Alexander supertramp Adam Miller Your friendly traveling stranger My hero Shane Keith Daniels

  36. Yuval Shachar

    Yuval Shachar14 days ago

    not me about to cry along with him-

  37. Shoxk

    Shoxk13 days ago

    swing me ur snap? :)

  38. Jackie Loves Life

    Jackie Loves Life15 days ago

    He really is the goat



    This stuff is trash

  40. Belle Hockridge

    Belle Hockridge15 days ago

    Beautiful . If you know what he’s singing about it’s beautiful. Thank you for this MGK.

  41. Lucas Pura

    Lucas Pura15 days ago

  42. wžî ƏØX mother fűçķěř Boro

    wžî ƏØX mother fűçķěř Boro15 days ago

    Yo Yo man fucking ain't gonna kill me 😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏

  43. Tufva Åhlenius

    Tufva Åhlenius15 days ago

    i’m in love with the drummer

  44. dookie page

    dookie page16 days ago

    I guess eminem really did kill him. This sounds aweful. I love listening to MGM but this ain't his thing. No disrespect.

  45. TVBnine

    TVBnine16 days ago

    World is Ass Pussy receives a Grammy nomination while MGK imo was snubbed bigtime. Tickets to my Downfall is destined to be a contemporary classic.

  46. Camilah Hernandez

    Camilah Hernandez16 days ago

    he deserves so much more.....

  47. Hazeljade

    Hazeljade16 days ago

    Amazing, reaches anyone that feels a loss. Phenomenally talented and blessed young man

  48. Tiffany B

    Tiffany B17 days ago

    He has official took Eminems title!! 👑

  49. zoey duh

    zoey duh18 days ago

    smurf caroline ninja looking ssa

  50. Ben D.

    Ben D.18 days ago

    Lonely without you :’(

  51. Lucas Pura

    Lucas Pura15 days ago

  52. Michael Malel

    Michael Malel18 days ago

    loved this dude with hard hiphop rap now killing me with rock xx , the music transition this guy been killing it


    KING ZETRO19 days ago

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  54. Cody Strong

    Cody Strong19 days ago

    mgk wanted to smash that guitar so bad.... and i feel that.

  55. Cody Strong

    Cody Strong19 days ago

    this album makes my heart stop... then makes it start up again. i wake up to this album. #noshuffle

  56. Lucas Pura

    Lucas Pura15 days ago

  57. Sandra da Silva

    Sandra da Silva19 days ago

    Et bien , on voudrait bien le voir à Bruxelles, Hollande zeer goed ook 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏. C'est un un artiste époustouflant 💌👉 Bruxelles Brussels

  58. Oqtik

    Oqtik19 days ago

    hes a rockstar

  59. Luana Niklaus

    Luana Niklaus19 days ago

    Gosto demais 🤩🤩😋

  60. Anesthesia MaryAnne Maples

    Anesthesia MaryAnne Maples20 days ago

    Is this song written for me? If so then that confirms a lot of the scary visions I have but also what might bring me to the best dream I had growing up. And thats MUSIC=Life. And please KNOW I feel the SAME way!!!!!

  61. first last

    first last20 days ago

    I think this song has been written on an experience.... I wish him the best.... seems it hurts to play this one and helps.

  62. chanse

    chanse20 days ago

    Chills... You can tell this song means a lot to him.

  63. Pyrohead Brody

    Pyrohead Brody20 days ago

    Go MGK

  64. amybooo917

    amybooo91720 days ago

    His dad will be watching over him so proud of his success

  65. Ragkular WRLD

    Ragkular WRLD21 day ago

    (HEARD YOU)🕉☮️🔊🎶⚡😌👁🏁

  66. Ragkular WRLD

    Ragkular WRLD21 day ago

    But the black snake hoodie⚡😌🕉☮️🔊🎶

  67. Khalmeng Lamkang

    Khalmeng Lamkang21 day ago

    Mgk is my best singer from my childhood to now i lke this guy much and his beautiful song

  68. Soldiers Doing Things

    Soldiers Doing Things21 day ago

    Im Glad to see how far XQC has come. XqcL

  69. droop7planet

    droop7planet19 days ago

    LULW True

  70. Murder Rate

    Murder Rate21 day ago

    snare sounds like shit lmao

  71. Pokey Playz

    Pokey Playz22 days ago

    I'm sorry mgk. I know it hurts.

  72. Shaun Smith

    Shaun Smith22 days ago

    I love his music and style

  73. Sir Schroer

    Sir Schroer22 days ago

    Nice dude what a great song. Sorry about the newest one and my comments lol. Wasn't trying to diss or anything negative

  74. blondiekj3

    blondiekj322 days ago

    THIS was the best SNL artist appearance for a long time, i cried, you cried, we all cried

  75. ssk

    ssk22 days ago

    Love you 😘

  76. Lucas Pura

    Lucas Pura15 days ago

  77. aquatiq

    aquatiq23 days ago

    I can feel his pain through the screen

  78. Havaseet2

    Havaseet223 days ago

    Blink 183

  79. sam duncan

    sam duncan23 days ago

    I’m crying. For positive.

  80. sam duncan

    sam duncan23 days ago

    Dude. Your songs are crazy. I’m almost 40 and they remind me of the songs I listened to in the 2000s. You crushed that song.

  81. Lucas Pura

    Lucas Pura15 days ago

  82. im black

    im black23 days ago

    An amazing song

  83. The Pursuance of Passion

    The Pursuance of Passion23 days ago

    No cap, he literally played the same chord the entire song. He is a good actor

  84. chozen0018

    chozen001824 days ago

    Songs ok but the emotion is very real. Respect...

  85. EST

    EST24 days ago


  86. Jessica Watkins

    Jessica Watkins24 days ago

    My brother just died on my daughter bday feb 26 I can’t listen to this one without crying thinking about him and everyone else.

  87. Short Fry

    Short Fry24 days ago

    homie played and sang his heart out

  88. Goldfruit Co

    Goldfruit Co24 days ago



    XXLI JEFFREY24 days ago

    Awesome ❤️ love you from India

  90. Vincent Patalinjug

    Vincent Patalinjug24 days ago

    instrumentals lit 🔥


    REVO STEAM24 days ago


  92. Briane Howland

    Briane Howland25 days ago

    God I love Machine Gun Kelly...

  93. Lucas Pura

    Lucas Pura15 days ago

  94. Lisa BabyG

    Lisa BabyG25 days ago

    Wow...I could feel the sadness radiating from that flawless performance 👏...rap, rock, he's just plain talented. I can't help but feel as if he needs a simple hug though. My big sister died of cancer when I was younger so like this song sort of shot me in a soft spot (hopefully my liver bc that bitch is wrecked anyway lol) -Love this song - Keep on going Kells-

  95. Da bomb 123

    Da bomb 12325 days ago

    I hope he stays with this kind of music and doesn’t go back to rap this music is so good and hits different

  96. Hannah Nunn

    Hannah Nunn25 days ago

    god. his emotion. you can just hear in his voice how much this song means to him. this song makes me think of my grandma who passed last year. I'm crying right with you colson

  97. Jessi Minda

    Jessi Minda25 days ago

    I just absolutely love MGK his voice is so sexy and he’s an amazing artist!!!

  98. Dennis C.

    Dennis C.25 days ago

    I love this song...Best song EVER! 😎

  99. Lucas Pura

    Lucas Pura15 days ago

  100. Olivia Pierce

    Olivia Pierce25 days ago

    MGK is a true artist in every way possible. EVERYONE should be proud of him and not let one thing define them, just like he does!!

  101. Jay Craw

    Jay Craw25 days ago

    He dresses like a fuckboy and sings with the emotion of a broken child with nothing to lose. I love MGK

  102. 2割引き 999 2waringring

    2割引き 999 2waringring26 days ago

    Can you make a new song with me??? It was a series of light ideas, but the feeling of having fun turned into my own tension. It seems that no one has noticed what is the correct answer. It seems that everyone is still asleep. I'm a minority, but I don't want to lose. I'm a minority, but I don't want to lose. I want to regain my past that was robbed from a huge organization. Did you laugh with me too? Where are we all going from now on? I believe you are still waiting for my come back.

  103. Lexi Speaks

    Lexi Speaks26 days ago

    Was he crying? This is beautiful

  104. Cheyenne Hartmann

    Cheyenne Hartmann26 days ago


  105. Lucas Pura

    Lucas Pura15 days ago

  106. Rachel Anne vids

    Rachel Anne vids26 days ago

    You can see that he’s falling apart on stage singing this beautiful song❤️❤️❤️❤️ 💙💙💙💙 ily Colson baker❤️

  107. Tony Blackburn

    Tony Blackburn26 days ago

    I bet eminem won't diss on this song

  108. Cles242

    Cles24226 days ago

    Eminem made this man switch genres.

  109. Nick Kaminski

    Nick Kaminski26 days ago

    This made me cry live and also whenever I rewatch it

  110. parrish mellott

    parrish mellott26 days ago

    he killed that!! and I felt his PAIN!

  111. Lucas Pura

    Lucas Pura15 days ago