Machine Gun Kelly - 5:3666 (feat. phem) (Official Music Video)

Machine Gun Kelly - 5:3666
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Music video by Machine Gun Kelly performing 5,3666. © 2019 Bad Boy/Interscope Records


  1. ghostfacegfg 767

    ghostfacegfg 7673 days ago

    its 5:3666 right now

  2. Yash Sharma

    Yash Sharma4 days ago

    He could've been the goat but Eminem ruined his career 😭

  3. That’s tough man

    That’s tough manDay ago

    He is the goat though

  4. Iftikar Wasbir

    Iftikar Wasbir9 days ago

    Most underrated song of MGK 😭💔

  5. That’s tough man

    That’s tough manDay ago


  6. Taylor Hurt

    Taylor Hurt10 days ago


  7. JayEe

    JayEe6 days ago


  8. critical buds

    critical buds12 days ago

    "My uncle sold some pictures of me with no clearance"...cus he's famous, that is fucked up!

  9. Joe Fenn

    Joe Fenn15 days ago

    It’s 4:3666 it’s 4:366

  10. Sherri Spence

    Sherri Spence19 days ago

    You are amazing! Don’t lose your life to drugs and depression! Too much talent and you can be a role model to others...keep telling your story and be a survivor! Love you!!💕🖤💕🎸🎼🦋

  11. Bones and Blow

    Bones and Blow22 days ago

    this song fucking saved my life fr lighting up rn

  12. Ragkular WRLD

    Ragkular WRLD25 days ago

    MGK SPOTIFY!playlist

  13. Ragkular WRLD

    Ragkular WRLD27 days ago

    Gone Candy

  14. Ragkular WRLD

    Ragkular WRLD27 days ago

    Play this when I'm gone☮️🕉🖤

  15. Ragkular WRLD

    Ragkular WRLDMonth ago

    Its 5:3666🕉😌

  16. Aakash Shukla

    Aakash ShuklaMonth ago

    Some days,I feel like I let myself down💭😵

  17. Tassar Noah

    Tassar NoahMonth ago

    Don't ply wid 666 ...hell is awake ... Jesus bless .

  18. Putri Khadijah Binti Megat Mohd Ariff

    Putri Khadijah Binti Megat Mohd AriffMonth ago

    I'm extremely late but I like it.. (gud music) goshh..gotta to listen to it@the EARLY morning..

  19. Arian A

    Arian AMonth ago

    Mans a legend

  20. Arian A

    Arian AMonth ago

    The vibes in his songs...

  21. chintu bikdik

    chintu bikdikMonth ago

    I come here everyday...I just love the vibe this gives me..💛

  22. AyeAye RON

    AyeAye RONMonth ago

    I'm with you bro

  23. Aliana salej

    Aliana salejMonth ago

    xx forlife

  24. R P

    R PMonth ago

    Everytime I hear this song I think back to that video of him performing this song on tour. Looked like he was 40+ years old, hadn't shaved in weeks, barely being able to stand and keep his eyes open, using the mic stand to keep himself standing. I love when he goes on tours because it helps him release his pent up demons but fuck he always destroys himself towards the end of his tours and has to go to rehab. Hoping he's taking this time away from touring to really work on himself and hopefully kick some of the drugs and excess drinking. Was sad hearing him say he hadn't had a single day where he wasn't drunk since he turned 18 years old.

  25. David Henderson

    David HendersonMonth ago

    Lil peep did to!... I hope we don't have a repeat.......

  26. Lil Ray Reactionz

    Lil Ray ReactionzMonth ago

    1:50 was that summer ray smoking the cigarette?! Just noticed that lol

  27. KRØNIC

    KRØNICMonth ago

    its not

  28. Wammy

    WammyMonth ago

    Juss remember your not going through it alone !!! 999 juss make the best out the situation you can

  29. đình khoa

    đình khoaMonth ago

  30. Bretton Gillespie

    Bretton GillespieMonth ago

    Damn this entire album hits hard. I just spent 3 years destroying who I am due to a toxic woman who brought cocaine into my life. Lost all my family and friends.. I got sober and just I wish others could all do the same.. best feeling ever

  31. Devin Delaughter

    Devin DelaughterMonth ago

    Sounds very eminem

  32. Rahul Jaiswar

    Rahul JaiswarMonth ago


  33. AyeAye RON

    AyeAye RONMonth ago

    Shit hurts my fuckin soul for real

  34. Cheyanna Hamilton

    Cheyanna HamiltonMonth ago

    Been a fan since day 1 before you got signed

  35. Manuel Kopp

    Manuel KoppMonth ago


  36. Skippy

    Skippy2 months ago

    This is the perfect song for 3 am

  37. Spooky 666

    Spooky 6662 months ago

    Cant sleep 4 days got ur name in my brain #luvsik

  38. King Petez

    King Petez2 months ago

    Life felt better when I didn't wonder what the meaning was.

  39. Lukas Woolley

    Lukas Woolley2 months ago

    I used to be so into health and fitness a few years ago. And somehow ended up in the rollercoaster road battling these lyrics. If anyone needs to talk, feel free, I'm currently walking the path myself.

  40. Jaime Gall

    Jaime Gall2 months ago

    If the 16 year old gave me THE I still a pet/a/file?bahaha

  41. Jaime Gall

    Jaime Gall2 months ago


  42. Jaime Gall

    Jaime Gall2 months ago

    I have a masterbation problem lmfao 430

  43. Blake Ward

    Blake Ward2 months ago

    Our boy was screaming for HELP happy to see him doing better now 💯

  44. Jessica Fein

    Jessica Fein2 months ago

    ugh I hate the fact like #MGK Makes me feel ilike im cheating on #EMINEM

  45. TheHornsfan37

    TheHornsfan37Month ago

    Get over the hype, MGK different, stop the comparison

  46. Jessica Fein

    Jessica Fein2 months ago

    Only those who have been or are there can REALLY FEEL IN TUNE.

  47. Haishwai

    Haishwai2 months ago

    Man please back to rap again. We need you for our build

  48. time waster

    time waster2 months ago

    Hear in 2021

  49. Knot Adidas Approved Good

    Knot Adidas Approved Good2 months ago

    SexSexSex666. Knot Adidas Approved

  50. KavaLogue

    KavaLogue2 months ago

    Wtf happened to MGK man. I know it’s probably cringe to say but he went downhill after the Eminem shit. There was just no need for any of that. Brought nothing but negative shit to all involved

  51. the fertilizer

    the fertilizerMonth ago

    @Adam Noyb 👏👏👏

  52. Adam Noyb

    Adam NoybMonth ago

    Brought nothing but negative???? Your a loser bro. Hotel Diablo is MGK best work to date. AFTER EM. Dropped 5 rap quarantine videos. Killed quarantine. AFTER EM. Number 1 album. AFTER EM. Opened SNL for the first time since quarantine. AFTER EM. Seems to me the only ones that lost anything are the Em stans. Y'all no longer have ammunition to take down one of the best ARTISTS in the game. Y'all desperate af. And corny

  53. Thaine Beck

    Thaine Beck2 months ago

    This song just helps ...

  54. Hijam pradip kr Singha

    Hijam pradip kr Singha2 months ago

    My most helpful song during depression

  55. Krazy Killer

    Krazy Killer2 months ago

    They can hear him but they aren't listening

  56. Bryn Buford

    Bryn Buford2 months ago

    Love you David

  57. Adam Melecio

    Adam Melecio2 months ago

    Cursed cursed

  58. Niko Saladino

    Niko Saladino2 months ago

    I hate @USloft

  59. Addison Favreau

    Addison Favreau2 months ago


  60. Alessio Baidoc

    Alessio Baidoc2 months ago

    If you're feeling lonely you're not the only one, wishing the best for yall ❤️

  61. mikeislitaf17 vlog

    mikeislitaf17 vlog2 months ago

    I think this is a number from drunk face

  62. the fertilizer

    the fertilizerMonth ago


  63. perrine h

    perrine h2 months ago

    i don’t want him to die because of all this shit. i truly don’t.

  64. Alok kohli

    Alok kohli3 months ago

    Mgk sir u my fav rapper 🔥🖤🙏

  65. Kiley Bolke

    Kiley Bolke3 months ago

    We all love you and your music and that we can live on earth with you

  66. Jake sheets

    Jake sheets3 months ago

    I know this doesn’t matter but MGK U NEED TO KEEP THE MUSIC COMING AND WE ALL BE BETTER

  67. Jake sheets

    Jake sheets2 months ago

    @Adam Noyb est. 19xx

  68. Adam Noyb

    Adam Noyb2 months ago

    Saved my life that's for sure. Est 4 Life

  69. Juliët Hopman

    Juliët Hopman3 months ago

    This is the saddest song ever

  70. Alexis Mott

    Alexis Mott3 months ago

    Oh listen to his song lead you on. His music is so relatable 🤧😭😫

  71. Troy Guereca

    Troy Guereca3 months ago

    We love you homie stay safe out here we need you dude

  72. Tristan Goodwin Official

    Tristan Goodwin Official3 months ago

    Never cared for mgk but this slaps

  73. Jose Esquivel

    Jose Esquivel3 months ago

    Everyone here is talking their s***... but let me ask y'all... Have y'all ever been to Ohio? As a traveling technician I get to see a nasty opioid crisis. Pills whatever you want to call it. I got to see men in interviews fall asleep in interviews. In my truck when I was training them. Big pharma screwed our men out there. Something so horrible you wouldn't understand unless you experienced it first hand.

  74. trystinprincess xx

    trystinprincess xx3 months ago

    Your doing great in treatment I hope your better soon ps I’m your biggest fan 🥺🥺🥺

  75. Andy

    Andy3 months ago

    Be 💪 bro 🔥

  76. MATT 0616

    MATT 06163 months ago

    pasando un comentario en español xD muy buen tema

  77. Youssouf Traoré

    Youssouf Traoré3 months ago

    Read my profil page and comment report Facebook report photo

  78. yuri 6907

    yuri 69073 months ago

    I like Mgk better than Eminem. Because Mgk Is cooler than Eminem. Mgk;) Please keep yourself. I looove this song.

  79. yuri 6907

    yuri 69073 months ago

    @What’s your name ? So thanks♡

  80. What’s your name ?

    What’s your name ?3 months ago


  81. Sifou Cherchour

    Sifou Cherchour3 months ago


  82. Unstoppable Harrison

    Unstoppable Harrison3 months ago


  83. Alexandra Matthews

    Alexandra Matthews3 months ago

    has anyone realized mgk has been turning his comments off on his music videos

  84. Daisy Roberts

    Daisy Roberts3 months ago

    I remember when he rapped “Done every drug except for coke” - but look where he is now, guess hes done them all.

  85. Clayton McCaskill

    Clayton McCaskill4 months ago

    Illuminate a mother fucker bro. We hear you. Don’t lose it. Your soul is more important than the money. We got your back Colson

  86. Mayz the king

    Mayz the king4 months ago

    Mgk your a fucking legend my guy im sober 2 years n used to absolutely HATE your music ....the past 2 years you turned a cornet creatively and I think its bc of maturity and contentment your a beast n I love it

  87. Brylo Btw

    Brylo Btw4 months ago

    I’m not supposed to be on my phone in first period but I am just for this

  88. Crowley

    Crowley4 months ago

    Your mother

  89. Daniel Perez

    Daniel Perez4 months ago

    Stan vibes

  90. mattmack OhHarrison

    mattmack OhHarrison4 months ago


  91. Brylo Btw

    Brylo Btw4 months ago

    This guy gives me goosebumps I love mgk’s music

  92. pissbaby

    pissbaby4 months ago

    We love you colson please don’t go

  93. Andrew Rodriguez

    Andrew Rodriguez4 months ago

    Listen to his song Lead me on

  94. Adam Noyb

    Adam Noyb3 months ago

    That's heroin. This cocaine

  95. TDAM Johnson

    TDAM Johnson4 months ago

    You know, Kells is doin good rn.. healthy af too. I'm proud of you homie. You obviously don't know me, or probably won't read this... but hearing you cleaning up got me really thinking. This album is a banger. After all the deaths in the music biz, alot of it dealing with drugs, you give me inspiration to get my act together better too son. I appreciate that seed you planted. Keep on keeping on. Much love an respect

  96. The Droids You're Looking For

    The Droids You're Looking For4 months ago

    How crazy would it be if this song was 5 minutes and 3666 seconds long

  97. PDG

    PDG4 months ago

    This song

  98. Tobias Eliot

    Tobias Eliot4 months ago

    He looks so busted and coked out in this time period of his life, so happy he seems to be healthier and happier with TTMD

  99. Fátima Olascoaga

    Fátima Olascoaga4 months ago

    this song is full of feelings

  100. Kashfia Islam

    Kashfia Islam4 months ago

    Machine Gun Kelly was only 5’0” when he was 12 years old.

  101. What’s your name ?

    What’s your name ?3 months ago


  102. MDT Vlogs

    MDT Vlogs5 months ago

    Thumbs up

  103. Matt Alexander

    Matt Alexander5 months ago

    Phem 🖤

  104. Alexandra Carton

    Alexandra Carton5 months ago


  105. Michelle madonia

    Michelle madonia5 months ago

    I was Terrified for him at this point😔

  106. Jocee Winstead

    Jocee Winstead5 months ago

    This song is the lyrical representation of my BPD

  107. joshua philip cruz

    joshua philip cruz5 months ago

    Who's here after watching the behind the scene of this mv

  108. Vidhi Rustagi

    Vidhi Rustagi5 months ago

    What does 5:3666 mean? Pls do answer

  109. Adam Noyb

    Adam Noyb3 months ago

    It's about doing coke day and night. And it's the devil.

  110. What’s your name ?

    What’s your name ?3 months ago

    It’s just a time 5:36 But he added 5:3666 Because 666 is the devil

  111. matthew Hambone

    matthew Hambone5 months ago

    Really like this intro keep up the hard work thank you.

  112. Kashfia Islam

    Kashfia Islam5 months ago

    Machine Gun Kelly hit puberty very late.

  113. James James

    James James5 months ago

    536 fam LOVR4 enterpretest :)

  114. Simon George

    Simon George5 months ago


  115. Kalie Wiest

    Kalie Wiest5 months ago

    I love you MGK!

  116. Emma.

    Emma.5 months ago

    i love u

  117. cypher

    cypher5 months ago

    its 5:3666

  118. Viraaz Ansary

    Viraaz Ansary5 months ago

    Ok song h

  119. Viraaz Ansary

    Viraaz Ansary5 months ago